March Update Notes

Hello Hunters!

Here are the notes for our Massive March Update, available now!

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What’s New?

District 8 - Blackthorn Prison

Work your way through an abandoned prison complex that Kurtz has transformed into a fortified base of operations.

New Co-Op Raid Map

  • Battle with friends in a new Co-Op Raid map set in District 7s Little Tokyo!
  • This new Co-Op Raid will replace the Attack on City Hall Co-Op Raid.

New Heroes

Fischer Galante Kunoichi
A masterful controller. An opportunistic attacker who dominates his foes with a deadly combination of damage and survivability. A robot berserker. Rushes headlong into combat shrugging off damage whenever he damages his enemies. Kurtz Black Op assassin, and Odachi’s loyal apprentice. Not to be underestimated, each is a skilled fighter, and a master of subterfuge.
For more information on Fischer, stay tuned for the Hero Spotlight! Coming Soon! For more information on Galante, stay tuned for the Hero Spotlight! Coming Soon! For more information on Kunoichi, stay tuned for the Hero Spotlight! Coming Soon!


Team Level 55

  • Hunt up to our new Team Level Cap of 55!

PVP Brawls

  • Jump into short-term tournaments where your skills will be tested with all new rules and fun new mechanics!
  • You have Voted! Combining votes on Facebook and the Forum, Elemental Wars won the Community Vote for the first PVP Brawl scheduled for March 19th!

Player Portraits

  • Finally, change your portrait to showcase your favorite Hero!
  • Once you unlock a new Hero, you will have the ability to choose that Hero as your new player portrait.
  • Rare portraits and borders will be available through placing in Events!
  • Choose a new portrait by heading to your profile screen and tapping the edit button edit on your profile picture!

Player Profiles

  • You can now view your own stats as well as inspecting other Hunter’s stats too!
  • Stats include
    • Total Power
    • Total Hero Stars
    • Campaign progress
    • 3-starred missions
    • Achievements Completed
    • Account age
    • Last active

Loadout Share

  • You love chatting about Hero strategy, so we’ve made it even easier! Share your best Hero combinations and compare stats with your friends.
  • You can access this new feature by tapping the pin icon Pin next to your chat bar in the chat menu.
  • You will also be able to compare your heroes with other Hunters using this feature.

Bounty Skills

  • Bounties will now fight back with their Bronze and Silver abilities during our Bounty Events, so watch out!

Other Notes

  • Currently, no Heroes can be upgraded to Platinum grade. You will be able to Promote your Heroes to Platinum once the Team Level cap is raised to 60 in a future update… So start collecting Platinum gear pieces as we will be unlocking these skills in a future update!
  • You will no longer get matched up with fellow Alliance members in PvP Tournaments.
  • We have improved our skill previews! Tap on your Hero’s skills to get a new and improved view of their skills!

Hero Changes

Francis Francoise

Improved Invigorate:

  • Improved Cast time.
  • Increased Heal over Time.

Adjusted Take a Swig:

  • Generates ability charge for Invigorate while channeling.
  • Reduced Heal over Time.
  • Increased Bonus Health.
  • Increased Bonus Damage.
  • Increased Dodge Chance.

Steele Steele

Improved Open Fire:

  • Increased Bonus Damage.

Improved Bullet Storm:

  • Increased Damage per second.

Improved Commanding Presence:

  • Adjusted Shield scaling.
  • Added bonus Critical Chance while Shield is active.

Savage_a Savage

Adjusted Spray and Pray:

  • Only Staggers enemies while Defensive Fire is active.

Fortress Fortress

Improved Recharge:

  • Now deals Energy Damage to 3 enemies equal to Health Recovered upon completion.

Phalanx Phalanx

Improved Team Mag Shield:

  • Now provides Phalanx with a personal Mag Shield.
  • Cannot charge a Personal Mag Shield while her team Mag Shield is active.

Elite Rifleman Elite Rifleman

Improved Hot Shot:

  • Increased Bonus Damage.

Improved Scatterfire:

  • Increased Damage per shot.

Improved Frontline Assault:

  • Increased Heal on enemy death.

Richter Richter

Improved Thumper Shockwave:

  • Increased Mechanical Damage.

Improved Sonic Sunder:

  • Increased Armor Debuff.

Improved Entrench:

  • Increased Bonus Armor.

Chesterfield Chesterfield

Adjusted Illumination Flare:

  • Debuff instantly expires when the enemies leave the area of effect.

Oro Oro

  • Fixed an issue that caused Super Critical to deal too much Self Damage.

Sentry Sentry

  • Minor improvement to starting Damage Stats.

Hero Drop Locations

  • Hard Mode
    • Added Hardscope to Hard Mode 5-7, 6-1 and 6-9

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Other Bug fixes & Improvements


Hey there,
could you please inform all players via Ingame-Message to close the app and install the update.
This „sneaky“ update screwed a little bit with us… at least with some players I‘ve talked to.

Just an idea :slight_smile:


Und so ganz scheint das mit dem Inspizieren und genaueren Infos noch nicht zu passen:

Bei einem Spieler steht über die Allianz Seite: „inaktiv seit 2 Wochen“
Über das Inspizieren bei zuletzt aktiv: vor 28 Tagen.

Der Spieler ist bei GEW, German Warriors und heißt NeoAlex…

Was stimmt denn jetzt? 28 Tage sind für mich nämlich 4 Wochen… :wink:

Nice update all around. Except for one change:

Having Hardscope take over Halloway’s spots for fragments, and moving Halloway up to Hard Mode District 8. That’s kinda not cool. Especially if someone had to work to unlock the original spots at 3 stars to begin with.

Why not add the rest of Mauler’s frags or Castellan to District 8 spots?

Just my 2 cents.

Awesome. Cannot wait to update

Stop crying, start grinding

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Hi, greetings for the new update, awesome new characters indeed! But please, fix the pvp point conuter, is completely nut! I was at the half of the first division and after just one lost combat i got at the beginning of the second! I didnt even know it was possible to retrocede!

I was ALREADY grinding the frags, that’s the problem! LOL

Player profiles great update :blush:

We’re aware of this issue and we’re working to fix for it! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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Beta players get a special trim for profile picture?

I hope we will be refunded for our position loss… I had to get 30 Yaun lan fragments (dont remember his exact name)…

@Rollyhead, there isn’t a plan to. Just before we released the game globally we sent out an inbox message with a Thank You gift.

Yes, and thank you for that, i just like achievements and that extra trim that stands out XD

I think after this update, fortress is too op, causing a bit of unbalance in the game.

Could you elaborate a bit? Is it a particular skill? Too much damage?

It feels as though Fortress Damages too much after the Self-Heal. It goes off even when interrupted, which is strong, but ok. However even if he’s at full hp and heals for nothing he still seems to do damage for the full amount overhealed (I believe this is the case, correct me if I’m wrong).

It would be an interesting PvP mechanic where he only does the damage that he actually heals for. So if he starts his charge near full HP, it kinda acts as an anti-taunt, and if he starts his charge near death, it acts as a taunt where you try to burn him down before he does a full charge blast to three guys.

The update is soo cool. I am liking it.