May Update Notes


Take flight in our Marvelous May Update, available now!

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What’s New?

PvP Map - The Airport


New Heroes

Caine Cinder
KLG Black Ops KLG
A resourceful armor-smith. Tosses consumable armor packs to supports his allies with defensive bonuses that shrug off enemy attacks. A cover breaking specialist. A resilient attacker that rapidly demolishes enemy cover and gets more powerful as the battlefield is destroyed.



Team Level 65

  • Hunt up to our new Team Level Cap.

Bounty Gold Abilities

  • Watch out! Enemy Heroes in Bounty Events will now utilize their Gold Skills!

Alliance MOTD

  • Commanders will now be able to set the Message of the Day.
  • Anyone in your Alliance who logs on and heads to the Alliance chat will be able to see the Message of the Day.
  • Keep members informed about what the Alliance is doing!

Solo and Co-Op Events

  • Going forward, Daily Raids will be included in a new menu element called Solo Raids, to better organize content.
  • Similar to the modified rule sets of PvP Brawls, new Solo Raid types will be introduced!


Hero Changes

Marked & Taunted Status Effect Changes

  • Marked targets and Taunting Heroes cannot benefit from Invisibility. If a Hero Taunts or is Marked while Invisible, they will be revealed to their enemies. While revealed, they can be targeted by abilities and AI-controlled Heroes as normal. When the Taunt or Mark ends, the Hero will regain invisibility, as long as there is still remaining time in the buff’s duration.

Gammond Gammond

Adjusted Kill Shot:

  • Improved Cooldown: now 12 seconds.
  • Improved Charge time.
  • Improved Travel time.
  • Reduced Damage.
  • Reduced Area of effect: can only damage 1 enemy.

Baron Baron

Improved Covering Fire:

  • Added a minor Stun to each target hit.
  • Reduced the max number of shots.

Improved Center of Attention:

  • Always provides bonus Health to himself while Taunting, and bonus scales for each ally below 50% Health.
  • Reduced bonus Health per charge.

Callidus Callidus

  • Fixed an issue with Siphon dealing Base Damage instead of Bio-chem Damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Corruption’s skill description.

Improved Consume:

  • Improved Vampiric effect.

Chesterfield Chesterfield

Improved Illumination Flare:

  • Marks enemies in the area of effect.

Odachi Odachi

  • Fixed an issue with Opportunist not dealing bonus Damage.

Razorback Razorback

  • Improved presentation whenever Razor Burst deals Damage.

Mandrake Mandrake

  • Improved presentation whenever Trailblazer deals Damage.

Halo Halo

  • Fixed an issue with Lighting Rod creating empty Buffs above target’s heads.
  • Limited the maximum number of times Lightning Rod can strike the same target per second.

Hideo_a Hideo

  • Fixed an issue with Penetrating Shot creating empty Buffs above target’s heads.

Hero Drop Locations

  • PvP Store: Richter Fragments will be replaced by Castellan Fragments
  • Hard Mode: Operator Fragments will be replaced with Ricther Fragments

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • If you have all the materials you can now tap the “Craft All” button to make upgrading your Heroes faster!


Are you kidding me?! My rickter…who I just got to 9*…I can no longer get to 10* so that I can get universal fragments. So basically…I lose any ability to catch up to the top guys…

On average I was getting 30 rickter shards daily…now I am down to a max of 9 and I AM FORCED TO SPEND MY STAMINA ON HIM AS WELL.

For the record, plz dont remove heroes from the pvp shop…it puts a horrible taste in ppl’s mouths if they get a hero to 9* through grinding pvp and are then no longer able to do it any more.

102 days to go from 9* now to 10*…


Gg gg


They won’t put him back, so deal with it!


I might have been of a few ppl who is focusing rikter because i got a ton of bis shards from hero crates, imagine if that was drake or gammond… basicAlly, if they change heroes before i get to 10* then i will never ever catch up. The top guys can get universal frags from ANY of their maxed heroes… why do i bother. I know they might fix this, which i appriciate. But these things need to be thought through.

They should have added, not replaced. There’s a lack of goodwill from the devs in this game.

Actually, by a LARGE majority they do a great job. This is one small oversight. Im just thankful it was rikter and not drake they replaced or gammond…

Still no update on the power calculation huh?


I’m also very distraught that we are seeing another lvl increase. Meanwhile many of the crucial issues are not addressed. I’ve seen this before in other games and it doesn’t end well. As it stands less than half of the heroes in are truely viable in either pve and pvp… there are major choke points relating to items that make no sense…

That being said, they are doing a lot of things well. So I do have hope… but the lvl increase… really would have advised against it. As long as they focus on keeping the top players rather than making it enticing for new players, struggles are sort of inevitable.

Hey @Howitzer !
Update looks cool so far.

What I am not too pleased about, however, is that I was deprived of my daily raids upon updating. Before updating, I had 2 Energy Raids that I had yet to complete (I finished 1 earlier today), and when I updated, I had 3 Mech Raids, which means I missed out on those 2 Energy Raids (10 - 14 Bronze Energy Canister Fragments), which are a HUGE bottleneck for me…

Not really fair, considering those that did the raids prior to the update get free reset, while those that didn’t complete raids before update get nothing.

Hopefully there can be something done to avoid this next time.

Sorry about your situation Harddeck! But…


Just a correction, getting shards at 10* does not give universal but gives elememtal shards. So you would be getting strictly mech shards once a mech hero is at 10.

They usually swap heroes around in the pvp store though, the main example being Razorback, and a patch or two ago they expanded the store by 2 slots when they added fortress and and ghoul. It just happened to be richter this time that got rotated out. At least this time you still have a chance of getting his shards daily while razor is now strictly found in pvp crates at only 5 at a time.

Edit: @ULFPAM Gammond used to get big cooldown buffs for hitting multiple people, so the reduced cooldown is probably to keep it steady since now its single target damage and cant trigger the the % cooldowns.

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It’s always scary to see your favourite characters show up in the re-balance notes in any game. However the Hideo change doesn’t sound too scary and I’m fine with Gammond dealing single target damage instead of AoE. Reduced cooldown, awesome, like it wasn’t fast enough earlier! What remains to see is how his damange has been reduced. Cool.

Upgrade dogface in gauntlet then use his fragments on Richter

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I can finnally get CASTELLAN thanks devs (Ps maybe you can do that to prophet or artemis or Some other way to get there fragments)


Most of the time he only hit 1 target anyway so I’m fine with this. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, what is this…? :thinking:



You can probably get Cinder there after Some days

Nope. Cinder will be a PvP tourney hero, just like Callidus or Fischer, according to May update notes.

That may be a new solo raid to farm cells or something like that

Yeah GTSaiko is probably right