Fiber - nerf or fix

So the recent update came and fiber got nerfed. Imo her gold got a nerf but the silver got fixed aa its description says. What do you guys think?

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She hasn’t been nerfed, if she was changed her power would have changed and it would have been in the update notes. She has not been working since the Warden feature crate update was pushed, this has happened previously where guarantee blitz events have broken aspects of the game. I suspect it will be fixed or at least addressed soon. For now you will need to follow forum guidelines and contact support if you think it is not working as intended

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We’re investigating a new issue that was surfaced through the fixing of another issue. We’re hoping to have a solution soon. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Well I still don’t have Fiber even though I spent a substantial amount of money in an attempt to get her. Was fairly upset with that and so I make it my goal to take her out when I can


How’s the investigation coming along?