Bounty Event Connection Issue

Hello everyone!

We are aware of the current issue Alliance Bounty Event and Co-op. The dev team will do their best to fix this as soon as possible.

We will keep you posted about any new developments.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience! :pray:


Apologies are nice… free tier 1 rewards are better :grin:! just playing, thanks for keeping us updated! please keep communication with us as it shows you notice us :smiley: Also while I have your attention, who is getting paid for the watch video ads for gold? if its HH let us know so we can stop making them income! if its you fix it so I can watch 2 in a row and make you more cash! (keep up the good work as you continue the transition and dont give up we are glad you didnt just let this game die)


Wasn’t the consensus that all the suck up saying Deca won’t release an update that won’t have any bugs? Where you guys at now?

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Compensation needed again, stuff like this happens too much without some type of “sorry” reward to try and smooth things over

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Hey deca thanks for letting us know your on the case!!! (Maybe exxxxxteeent the bounty??? :)))) )


Compensation ideas ;))) ;
1; Mw tokens and gilded tokens
2; serial crate event ;))))
3; extend bounty length
4; vault crate tokens
5; hugs and new hero for free, (hugs most importantly)
6; extra rewards in bounty event

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Bruh, like if your really this mad at them then just go play other games, why you still here if your just gonna complain and always hate on them, they are improving, at least they listen to us, still update the game, and didn’t sell the game off to the highest bidder like HH, they would have probably just ended the game a year ago and made everything purchasable for 10$,


I’m the guy who says my favorite thing to do on game is : bi**h about the game…. Bruh, you got me beat …. Always see you on here complaining…. Like really…. Go find something else to do.


then that’s it!! keep living in this world of illusion (asking for various benefits for the game) and always supporting these constant and repeated mistakes. Wait for scenes from the next chapters (in fact, most already know what will come). congratulations to these types of people who support mistakes you guys are awesome

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Lol exactly what I was thinking,

aaah, so that’s what the red file did that you told me not to touch

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Thank you deca for solving the inconvenience, it would be nice if you put the rare mk.2 and berril skin on us thanks

it still hasn’t returned to normal I’m not able to hunt (I’ve done everything they think…kk) it continues to appear offline

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Bulls.eye stated above they will update us when they have a fix for their issue. Continuing to rant about it to them won’t make it go faster.

i’d expect them to be able to fix it noting that it’s been almost 5 hours. But oh well, it’s not like thats the only game mode. Guessing that they are going to add compensation for this, i would like to make my own.

3 Hero crate tokens
2 MW crate tokens
2 specialty tokens
1 Gilded token
10K bucks
15 Gold
5 Elemental fragments

That’s it from me.

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I would like to request my own compensation since most of the other requests only gives me mostly heronium which doesn’t do too much for me at this point.

So how about:
Ruby Core rewards?
Nerfing 5-6 extreme?
Free Recharges for bounty?
Free Gold?
My $5000 spent refunded?
Offer Astral and Void Hero Fragments in the Heronium Store?
Free MKVI Cores?

Step it up, I triple Dog Dare you!

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thanks deca for improving the game, the anniversary is pending, to take it into account

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Wondering the actual performance impact of the disconnection issue?

Previous Bounty…. More than 100 teams reach Milestone 1

This Bounty…. Only 68 teams made it.

Not want to be negative… but it was painful… (try to get that dam RUBY SALVAGE gear)… hope that it won’t happen again.

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We haven’t stopped investigating and hope to prevent this from happening again.