Flatline or caine? I am confused, please help

I use Marlowe, Razorback, Heckler, Gammond and Caine in my top 5 squad…should i be replacing caine with flatline? please suggest.

The benefit Flatline has is to be able to revive people, but maybe that’s just part of the plat (can’t remember as I don’t like her). Caine benefits are the shields. Protect you from damage or you recover health. The way I see what you have, I’d go for Caine.

Others might choose differently


Great!! Thanks for this quick advice😊 much appreciated.
The strategy i thought is, keeping Caine for Armor shields and gammond for health boost… Is this fine or should i replace someone? Below are the heroes i have…

Flat and Caine are both easily targetable heroes, as their abilities are very in-your-face annoying. Flat is okay, but I would recommend experimenting with Caine.

Worth mentioning that you should also Upgrade Keel and Min, both heroes are great for pvp.

(top hero by far is Marlowe tho number one just run her every game and you’ll win 10/10 ign no hax :joy:)


Haha…okay!! Thank you for your suggestions…will work on keel and replace with Caine or gammond?

Franc is beyond broken in low level pvp, likewise with shivs. Combine those 2 with mandrake and keel and you’re going to be annoying people all day

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Instead of Gammond , I had go with Matador / Phalanx / Mandrake at Gold Level . All work well in different combination , a advantage of Phalanx is it provide good protection for your heroes like Heckler , Marlowe which can be targeted and brought down by the opponent at start. Mandrake with his invisibility skill , can be pretty annoying and can save your whole team .
Between Flatline and Caine , Caine if piloted can be very useful and have more health than Flatline, however Flatline can revive other heroes but can be killed earlier on by a skilled opponent .

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Flatline better if you use high dps hero like kunchi astrix siren etc

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Thank you for your response… will check😊

Thank you for this detailed explanation…helps a lot…will try this,:blush:

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Oh okay…noted… thank you😊

It depends, if your team dies often she is a very great addition, but honestly some other heroes could be replaced with her as she is very effective and maybe a bit important than some others

Thank you @Robert_Pronk…other heroes in the sense…who can i actually work on??

Hehe… Thank you…@Gale😊

Healers and damage dealer you like, butter, phalanx, kobold, Duran, keel, there’s to much to list

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Great!! Thank you, Robert :blush:

Your welcome buddy :slight_smile:

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I would also prefer Caine, as Flatline attracts too much attention, and will be taken out early, so her healing might not come in use.

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