HH you guys are killin me here

If you’re gonna nerf flatline like that, you didn’t just tweak her numbers, you completely removed half of her skill over night. And it honestly wouldn’t be a big deal if you released more heroes for healing. Out of 77 heroes you have 10 heroes that are good (by good I don’t mean hivemind or briar who couldn’t bring ONE allied hero to full health much less a whole team) healers, and every freakin hero you’ve released in ALL of 2019 has been a dps hero to promote bounty!!! You realize bounty is basically target practice. The bounty is stuck in one spot, and it can’t kill you. Meanwhile the actual arena for gameplay, pvp, is suffering. If fortnight did that, focus on “bounty”, whatever that is, instead of pvp, they’d go bankrupt over night.

And please find a happy medium, first when you released ifrit at the end of summer last year you guys over compensated for the health and made it to where no one can die and everyone was tying 5-5. Well now it’s back to right before that update, there’s no consistent damage, it’s bursts of damage, and most matches are determined in the first 10 seconds. Flatline was the one variable that let you come back from being outnumbered. I’m not trying to sound like I have all the answers, but I can spot the problems! If you had developers that cared about the game, and cared about pvp, instead of the stupid back story or what skins we can wear to play dress up, we wouldn’t have this problem. You guys released one tank, shank, and these forums went stupid over the fact he didn’t have dps through the roof for bounty. That was the first time I noticed that we haven’t had ONE HERO BASED SOLELY ON HEALING IN ALL OF 2019!!! And instead of making the gameplay better, you amp up the dps and let the new hero shine for 2 weekends that month then sit on the sidelines after their faction ends to never be used again. You make a new hero heal a team the same way siren deals damage to a whole team and youd shake this game up. We need variability! Not another dps hero!

PS… I remember when they nerfed nightengale in January 2019 (around that time), and I posted some threads in here titled RIP nightengale, and most the forum called me an idiot and she was just as strong as ever… well after that post EVERYONE transferred to flatline from nightengale and sure enough she was never used again after that nerf. So you can’t trust these forums, they do not represent the community consensus. And why would they when any controversial thread is deleted and the narrative is literally controlled 24/7. Well guys, RIP FLATLINE!



Thanks for the feedback! We’re sorry you had a bad experience after Flatline’s adjustments.

If anybody has any comments to add, feel free!

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The only think I can add is, I did love this update and Flatline nerf.
Sorry man but like me you will see a lot of players complaining about flatline. She was a pain in the $$$ and she was making everything harder on pvp. Thanks devs


No flatline isnt the problem in pvp its the ronin sandbaggers killing pvp

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No trust me I’m bitting Ronin like nothing. Hideo and panzer and others heroes kills him like nothing

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Its the people running 10* 5 bar panzer and dogface with 3 other heroes that are just barely platinum and mowing down my balanced team.

Flatine did not need to be destroyed, she treated well and she was easy to kill, it’s sure that if you kill 2 others before it will be more complicated, in any case it’s a shame

Let’s all look forward to new meta, it is healthy for heroes to be refreshed. Flatline needed a nerf (and I speak as a FL user).

By the way, just to make it clear, I don’t think the adjustment to her left her balanced, on the contrary it has completely killed her… but I am of the opinion that it needed to be done anyway, she had a very, very, very long run. No injustice there.

Next, does anyone else think Keel’s heal is like, too big? :slight_smile:


More healers and support would be appreciated, maybe HH devs can release 2 or more heroes again next month, OR wait more than a month and then developed a great update with more heroes.

Yes, she does seem to do the most healing even with her role as a “cover repairsmith”.


I actually love Keel alot, she’s a really good hero. But I just want to put out some facts out there:

Keel’s bronze:

  • is really huge
  • is a massive team heal
  • comes up relatively quick
  • AND repairs cover, 15% per second for 6 seconds, pretty amazing and she is unique in this regard

Luckily she cannot heal herself, bloody hell if she could…

Anyway just to compare Keel with the rest:

  • Operator has a huge per second heal too, somewhere close to Keel’s. BUT it is only for 4 seconds whereas Keel’s is 6 seconds and is slightly lower. So Keel puts out more than 50% healing than Operator. Also Operator’s heal is a single target heal whereas Keel’s is a team heal.

  • Moss also has a huge team heal through his bronze. BUT it takes ages to come up. Keel is also a Mech which seems to own all the other elements at the moment. For PVP, between Keel and Moss, Keel gets the nod every time (or almost every time).

Her silver quadruple root is great too, very useful. On top of that, Keel’s damage is also decent. Unlike other healers out there, she brings something positive to the damage equation.

I am not advocating a nerf to Keel - but I am asking that the devs take a look at this and buff up some healers or release a new hero that has great utility like her. Some things that the devs could take a look at could be:

  • Gammond really needs a buff, his heal is pitiful. He used to be pretty good, a loong loooong time ago.
  • Ifrit’s bronze heal is terrible, it could do with a 20-30% increase and still be reasonable.
  • Operator is a dedicated healer, but is inferior to Keel in every single way.
  • It would be nice if Bucket could get a bigger heal too but imo his skills are pretty balanced at the moment.
  • Francoise’s Invigorate could do with a reduced heal period and a bigger heal per second to make up for it. But I understand her role is a niche one, so it’s ok.

For me, Kobold, Matador, Nightingale and Heimlock are pretty balanced in terms of their skills so I would not disturb them for now.

Just some random thoughts, feel free to agree or disagree. :slight_smile:


Flatline is in a good place now lol


If you feel handicapped with the Flat nerf then chances are that your team was bad or you’re a bad player needing her that badly. Considering your opponent would also have a nerfed Flat, I don’t see a prob. These players with the Flat crutch probably are so bad that they are used to having that crutch to save their asses time and again to make up for bad teams/gameplay and to have an automatic edge over non-Flat users.


I think i understand what “nerfedtoshhh” is saying…

That’s very true about Nightingale, she was strong and maybe was one of the favorite hero. But now Nightingale is like abandoned.
This is just my opinion, because… yess! I use Gale a lot before… but now i dont use her in PvP.
And the same case will happen to Flat possibly…

But maybe HH has some different ideas… something like, very strong heroes are not good… so they do that…

Nerfing flatline because she was a pain in pvp wasn’t the right answer. Once again the devs look to balance pvp by nerfing players while not focusing on the problem. The problem is players bringing 10*, 4-5 bar hero’s paired with gold hero’s or level 90 10* 5 bar panzer mixed with level 60-80 gold 5* hero’s. The match making should put these teams against hero’s equivalent to their most powerful or highest ranked hero. Nerfing flatline and making most healing hero’s, other than moss, useless isn’t the way to go. Moss’s heal is a total pain unless you take her out first but please don’t listen to that and think she needs to be tuned back. High dps, weak hero’s has been the narrative for a while now and it’s kind of annoying

Thanks for offering your feedback! I’m sorry that the recent healer changes have upset you.

Could not agree with you more, the nerf does not bother me though as I really didn’t use her on my main, she was pretty much fodder as she was the first to die.

I applaud the nerf as this will remedy some of the toxicity in PVP

She made bio dps irrelevant. She was deff a problem, cant pin it all on sandbagging


One way to fix the matchmaking would be, if your team has a wide spread of stars and bars, they would get a flat debuff that completely destroys their team. Eventually they would stop min maxing.

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In HH there are some good tanks, lots of good dps and very few good healers. Some like Keel, better than Flatline. But having so few good healers, destroying one doesn’t seem like a good option.

I think that Flatline was so popular not because she was good (and she was good) but because she made possible countering min maxers that wipe your key team member/s in the first seconds.
The way Ifrit rez works does not make this possible, and min maxing (amongst others) being a big problem in pvp will make this change far more important than it should be.

I won’t say restore Flatline to its previous state, that’s a devs meditated decision. If I had to put a solution to the real problem? You can only enter pvp if your team is balanced (not perfectly balanced, but you understand) You can make that restriction looser for sponsored heros (either new or sponsored event heroes) but I think that would end that kind of problems forever.

Have a nice weekend!