Fourth of July sale / special offer?

I have no idea if this game existed last year at this time. Did it? Did you have any Fourth of July special offers or sales? I can see there’s a Uncle Sam / Dogface themed PVP coming up. Can we expect something more to happen?
In the games I played before it’s downright impossible to predict any sale of any kind; if they happen they happen but I learned that we “USUALLY” had something cool during the X-Mas Holidays.

This game I haven’t played long enough to make any such conclusions.

something that makes everyone happy, also the non-payers, are events with double the rewards. Imagine a week of double Gauntlet bucks, PVP gems, Gauntlet Gems…
/HINT) :wink: :wink:

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How about if you win then
a quick action occurs so the match it goes kinda dark
Then Fireworks / Rockets shoot out and explode with WINNER on a flag / Banner drifting from the ceiling to the ground in confetti lol tada
Then the results display
With Patriot gifts

At X-MAS it’s presents, blue/ red for gems, Gold for Gold , Lightning presents as well as Green $$$ presents

It would’ve been nice for sure, but HHG is based out of Canada, so where is my canada day (1st july) gift XD