Thank you to the makers of HH

I just wanted to take time to thank the developers, makers, programmers, and the ideas behind the making of this game.

Thank you for the lunar gifts and the valentine’s day gifts.

This game is the best mobile game of all time. And I’m glad there’s a good team behind the making of Hero Hunters.

Thank you all for making this a fun and positive atmosphere, and thanks for caring about your fellow players!


Getting gifts for festivals which is being celebrated all over world is cool… But, when they gave us gifts on lunar festival (generally celebrated in china) & Free MK6
It was really awesome. Soo generous devs:)



You got a free MK6? I didn’t.

It should’ve been in your inbox. It came with a Valentines Day message.


Nope, Still dont have him.

Maybe it’s something to do with your power?

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Mk 6 is not a hero, it’s an item:p


Lol you’re getting mixed up. A Mk6 Core is a hard-to-obtain piece, used to upgrade heroes from Platinum-5 to Platinum-6. That was included in the holiday gift, and is something you should’ve gotten along with the elemental fragments, bucks, and what not.

Mk.II the hero is a 7* mercenary. That wasn’t included as a holiday gift.

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@Vintermyst thank you very much for clarifying that. I was confused.

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