Other than your 10 Star Heroes, what will you pick for custom Crates?

is it only for VIP players?? or available to everyone?

It’s a monthly subscription thing, 1 Crate per week

At least the first Crate is free I guess

yea. just saw the video again . says 7 days free trail and then its available for purchase weekly or monthly. thnx

It’s paid. $6 for a week, $20 for a month.

Is it free or we have to pay real money for it ??

How many rewards do you get from the crate? Just one or 5? All of them?

Any one knows that?

I assume you get one item from one tier per week.

I highly doubt that, since grand prize can give a 7*. I have a hard time believing you will be able to get a guaranteed 7* hero every week.

It may give more than one reward per crate, but I don’t think they will be tier based.

No, you have a small chance at getting the top tier prize every week. You get only one prize from only one tier per week. Sorry if my wording was confusing.

Sooo do you get vip points when you buy that crate?

tbh, i am tempted. that way i can finally have my shot at the 7s, but idk about it just yet.

Well you can just buy gold and take that exact same mentality into hero crates, instead of getting stuck in a trap of continuously paying money to be satisfied (which, let’s face it, the second you invest money into it you will never feel satisfied).

This should be free every first week of the month, at least for the VIP players
Feels like a cash grab, but nonetheless I’m excited

That’s because it IS a cash grab. A blatant, shameless, middle finger to anyone that isn’t willing to siphon more and more of their money into the game. It’s embarrassing on behalf of HHG; but hey, it’s working, so it’s hard to blame them.