Friends List Bracket

Dear HH. It’s been years playing this favourite pastime of mine. All-in a while making numerous friends all through these years. As you know, the In-game Friends List bracket is only fifty which bars me from keeping more. In game Friends are very important while playing co- op raids and co op pvps, the more they are, the more ease in trading raids and what fun we have while chatting. When some move away to other alliances , this is the only medium that binds us together.Also, this is the only way to keep track of friends who are out and off of HH for a while. Although many players accommodate themselves outside HH for this and other strategic reasons but the ease and advantage of in game chat system & huge friends list is lost. after all the main motto of HH is not just collect Heroes but make friends and spread love and unity amongst diversity, ain’t it? So why keep limit in making friends. So my humble request to HH to extend the Friends list bracket to a maximum for ease of chats and co op events.


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