In friends section have a category for alliance members so you don’t have to add them to help or increase friends limit

I would love if we didn’t have to add our own alliance members to send private invites.
You already have it sectioned off for friends and friend request. Can we get a new sub category which automatically populates all members so if you want to send a private invite to your own alliance members you can ?

The reason this is coming up is due to having large amount of friends and not being able to receive invites unless they are you friends. Deleting people every day just to allow room for more friends becomes cumbersome and annoying. If we are trying to help the community by “carrying” newer players we shouldn’t have to delete constantly.

We have to consider the objective of the game which is to have a strong community that supports each other. Therefore, this friends issue is becoming a real problem for most of us that have a full list of friends.

Can you look into this or increasing friends list!?


Who are you really “helping” with a carry tho :wink:

C’mon, we all know that a carry is essentially a selfish act. You’re using someone who can’t complete the level they unlocked because they aren’t strong enough, and you’re taking their win for frags and giving them nothing back. Sure they might get 4 instead of 3, but was it “help”??? :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I do my share of carry spam, I’m just giving you hard time :wink:

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+1 this, great idea it sucks having to mix between the two

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