Briar Frag Limit

This Briar frag limit is awful. I have helped several of my friends and have received no rewards as a result, which is not fair.

This issue needs to be fixed immediately and the community should be compensated a minimum of 28 Briar frags (as we were for the Yeager mishaps).

The developers used to listen to us, the community in the earlier days, but have lost sight of our needs in recent times. Please continue to treat us like family again. We miss the old days…

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I believe the reason why the coop frags are limited because there are players who has two phones and multiple accounts to boost themselves quickly by using those sub accounts to invite to their main account for frags (which I seriously find it unfair)

And yes, I find it half disappointed with frag limit per day when I trade Dojos/Helios/Cityhall with alliance mate.

We should have a limit of 12 frags not 8 because a level 85 Co-op have a reward of 6 frags per win


I love the limit. It makes it so no one can use there multiple accounts to boost. I have one other account. But I trade with my self so other alliance member can al trade in alliance. This game is awesome devs. Keep up the great work. No issues here

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Whatever dude. This is a bogus addition and you know it. At the very least we should get random hero frags. They are making the game difficult to enjoy.

AGREED, AT the very least let us be able to trade with our partners to hit 12 per day there is no point in doing 2x85 raids a day when you are capped at 8…


At least they should give us a frag reset for gold

8 frags for briar in 2 runs plus a random hero frag. It’s something.

Seems like y’all want to rush to get it done fast