Galante rework petition

I have created a petition in order to bring Godlante’s issue of being underpowered to the devs, oof


Yosai Oofer signed this petition


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He’s still underpowered? That’s a shame, he sounds fantastic on paper (I hardly ever use him).

Galante is a meme. Hes already a god how can you change perfection.

But honestly hes not even that bad. Its just hes shit compared to like razorback and panzer

I don’t think I’ve ever signed a petition this fast

Isn’t Galante already tanky plus the fact that he doen not have a head so no headshots?

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Mate you don’t know anything about Galante problems since his dps is extremely low compared to other tanks and people can avoid his shield , Oof

Godlante bufffff must winnnnn

sign the petition so we can show Hothead : O

How about be quiet. Galante is a false god. The one and true god is Helios.