One forum heart equals one more day my Galante stays green

  • Release Galante, for he has done nothing wrong!
  • Imprison Galante, for I believe that he is truly a false god!

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You are a false god.
You are deceit.
You are a huckster.
You are malevolence.

You are the crossroads demon;
the trickster genie.

You are the plague of which the sewer rats spread;
the virus of which devours the soul;
the disease of which consumes the weak-willed.

You are the merchant of snake oils;
the launderer of counterfeits;
the caravan of faked paintings.

You are the one that would leave the endangered starved.
You are the one that would leave the infants unloved.
You are the one that would leave the children unfed.
You are the one that would leave the fathers and mothers in an endless state of false hope.

You are a facade;
a false truth;
a lie.

But I see through you, you metal abomination.
You do not trick me.
You may assume the form of the synthetic,
but your evils are of such that can be made flesh.

I will leave you with the stars you seek;
but not the bars you do not deserve.

I will allow you the take the leftover fragments of you from the chests I have earned righteously,
but I will never feed you with my own hands.

I will allow you to enjoy the a meager existence at the back end of my roster,
but you will never again experience the light of the battlefield,
as if I had ever let you ride across the lands before.

Galante, you False God: you were born as Green, and you will exist as Green, for all eternity!

This I say as true, and it shall be so, never to become untrue!


This message was brought to you by the Galante big fake god gang.


Would a False God bring you a nice fresh steaming cup o’ coffee in the morning? I don’t think so. Galante would, and he would make happy beeping noises as he did.


The poll is split, and the obvious answer shall lie within the first belief

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you could always just melt him down to a toaster.


Wait until the next update. You’ll eat your words.

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I’ll eat em till I see it. Or I could make justice toast out of him. But for now he’s a big target

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He lives large! I would make him bigger if I could!

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Maybe that could be a limited thing. Solo fight giant version of heroes

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Would you rather:

Fight a 200 ft galante

Or Fight 200 1 ft galantes


That would be Awesome. Redo his silver skill. Summons mini Galante’s . Like hive mind. But the mini Galante’s would have the standard joust and strafe skills but with less damage.

Or maybe instead of joust he throws a coffee cup at the enemy…
Now that’s a skin idea instead of strafe with missiles he shoots coffee cups…


The false god has prevailed, this much is true,
He’ll receive all the buffs, to have strength we never knew.

He was once mocked as he brewed our coffee,
With revenge he rises, no longer squashy.

The barista from hell, he’ll leave all in a tremor,
Your defeat is coming, you best soon surrender.

Perhaps he deserves a barista skin,
It would be great, to no ones chagrin!

(Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy
we shall soon see how well he’ll destroy.)

Just kidding. It doesn’t exist. Yet?

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