Hero Spotlight: Galante

Icon_ElementMech Galante


  • A mobile attacker. Galante rushes headlong into combat shrugging off damage while constantly on the move.

Primary Weapon – Tank Shot Pistol



Bronze Skill
Strafe fires missiles at the targeted enemies, each missile deals Mech Damage. Galante gains shields whenever Strafe damages an enemy, absorbing damage for each enemy damaged. The shield lasts for a period of time or until destroyed.



Silver Skill
Charges with a Lance dealing damage to the targeted enemy and reducing their armor for a period of time.


Boom Lance

Gold Skill - Passive
Galante fires explosive rounds from his gun, allowing his weapon to deal damage in a small area. Additionally, whenever Jouste damages an enemy Galante deals damage to all nearby enemies in a small area.

Heavy Cavalry

Platinum Skill - Passive
Galante gains bonus health. Whenever Galante is moving between cover, he reduces all incoming.

Where can I get Galante!?

  • You will be able to obtain Galante Fragments in Co-Op Raids

What do you think of Galante?



Looks awesome can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

After a week of testing him out he feels underpowered compared to others, any plans to buff him ?

His first skill can never reach his max shield on PvP because there are only 5 enemies so you could only get 50% of th shield, maybe add a taunt so this has some utility on it this skill?, also the dmg feels kinda low

The second skill is good maybe add a stagger / stun , my only complain is that the charge when you are about to use it feels a bit slow

The third skill feels kinda useless the aoe range is way to little to do something basically just make the second skill get a 3k aoe dmg but still way to little range, maybe add an attack buff bonus if he attack someone with X armor or less (to combine it better with second skill) or movement speed buff ? So it can be combined with his platinum skill that lower dmg when moving from covers just some ideas .


He is a really easy target, but his defense is too low.


I agree

Other options that occurs to me to buff him and still maintain his kit is

First skill: Also get different buffs depending on the amount of enemy’s hits for example if 3 enemies were hit he get taunt , if 5 enemy’s were hit he gain the first buff + armor buff , if 7 (this would be on PvE and coop) enemies were hit he gain all those buff + damage mitigation, if 10 (PvE and coop) enemies were hit he gain all the buff + evade chance

Something like that could help him survive and mantain his kit idea

On the second skill he should destroy the cover of the enemy (he is a giant robot dashing at full speed, a cover should not be a problem for him haha, it looks kinda weird right now when you hit a enemy behind a cover with it )

Just dropping more ideas , I feel that his main problem is that the gold skill basically does nothing apart from the second skill buff , maybe add the buffs that I mention for the first skill in this skill ?


Forgot to mention it before, his first skill is posible to dodge

I agree, his abilities and stats definitely need a bit of buffing. For a giant robot, it feels like his health stat is just not high enough. Also, I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not, but sometimes I would use strafe with like seven enemies on screen, then when I look its only stacked four times or something like that.

Not sure if this is a bug but when his first skill is used on PvP enemy’s bots will instantly move from their position making it to miss usually you only hit the character that the player is controlling or bots if he switch position to where another bot was before he moved, kinda like when the gorgon robot use his missiles, it is really weird not sure if this is the same skill than the gorgon robot but it looks like it because the npc behavior is the same

Haven’t gotten him yet but every time I face him in pvp, I had little trouble dealing with him. His size and stats is a big issue.

A buff idea I have is why not make him mobile when using his strafe skill?

  • He would be strafing sideways from cover to cover while launching missiles.
    (He would be able to dodge bullets and dodgeable projectiles this way to slightly improve his survivability.)
    (It would also complement his platinum skill and further cement his title as “mobile assault robot”.)

Nice idea @Shubidouba.

Yes, I have Galante at 7 :star: (he’s my fourth highest powered hero) and he’s one of the weakest in my top 25 highest powered heros…

He could use a major buff to health and damage, and I agree, he should have mobility during ‘Strafe’ Skill, in addition to having a greatly reduced (or none at all) charge time for his ‘Jouste’ Skill, sort of like Matador’s ‘Bull Rush’ Skill