Annoying Bug

I caught an annoying bug while I was playing bounty.
It basically happened when I was finishing the bounty, it disconnected and I had to close the app because it was stuck, when I reconnected it gave me the message that the game was still active, then it gave me a long upload until I got the message that the game is over and that I had the results in the mail.
Any point on the screen I press, the game crash, the music you hear but nothing works.
It’s not the first time that it happens to me, it happened the first time I started but I took it as a little bug and I still didn’t know there was this forum, the second time it happened on Forged Fantasy while I was playing a raid coop.
I had to delete and reinstall the game to make it work again and at the moment I’m waiting for it to reinstall HH.
My only concern is if I lose some data, at that point I’d be very “irritated”.

Same happened to me, but during a PVP match. Rebooting my phone solved it.