Getting kicked during pvp

After I play about three pvp games back to back the game closes completely and I have to reopen and invite my friend again. This has been happening for three days now, anyone else getting this issue?

yeah same here
It logs out of the game completely
i use ipad

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Same with raids on my iPads and iphone. Starting to get annoying to get all my daily quests and pvp events finished. :confused:

I often have a bug where the replay/ invite button blacks out. Meaning i have to restart the game to get back into the menu

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well, ive had the problem before i tried restarting it didnt work the nwxt day i resterted so therefore wait a day or 2 and clear history after

Same here. Will play coop about every night on about 4th game pvp will freeze then get booted out .have to restart game and reinvite


Seems to happen more when meeting other alliances - the matches seem to run smoothly when we meet bots…

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I frequently have to reopen the app when I sense something fishy going on that way I get back into the match before its over and I’ve lost. I want to cry “lag switch” (lol) but I’m sure there’s no actual way to jack with the other person’s connection so you get into the match faster. But it’s consistently the same ppl in the same alliances that it happens against so maybe they know something I don’t.

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i get it more @KEVOtheG1ant
it frequently says "online match is completed check your inbox for results

yeah it does that when I get back into the game. its like 80 percent loss rate when you cant actually participate in the match (headshots, kill order, take out dps, user skill, etc).

I don’t even play coop pvps anymore & I also think Restarting the game frequently can affect the server to get slower.

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