Gammond a sniper?

I still haven’t unlocked Gammond but I will in 20 minutes. The in game information about him says he’s a sniper but is he? The chat people disapproves. While I understand he’s good I am lacking a proper sniper. :frowning:

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Nope, he is a frontline. He just uses a semiautomatic rifle as weapon, which happens to be quite precise, so his weapon is tagged as sniper (10 ammo per magazine)


I actually contacted customer service yesterday to learn more about Gammond being a shotgun or sniper guy.
Got a good reply saying that his gun has always caused confusion - he IS a sniper, but his sniper rifle looks like a shotgun. The fact that he’s frontline makes it even more confusing - snipers are supposed to hide in the back - but he also got tank abilities so I guess:
He is a sniper with a shotgun like rifle.

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