What do you think are abilities/skillsets that make no sense on a certain hero's kit/character design?

As title, for me, it’s Hardscope’s silver. It doesn’t make sense and does not sync with his other skills. It also has an awfully long casting time and the heal is really miniscule.
Gammond’s overall kit also once used to be good. He used to be a damager/tank combo, who got severely nerfed and now, whatever he does, sucks. His heals are awful, his defense is weak, his damage is meh.

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But what is your point with this post, I don’t see the complaint

I’m guessing it’s that hard scopes drone is kinda worthless and what other heroes do you think have abilities that don’t fit them?

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Hardscope’s title is Weapon Specialist. He utilizes a lot of different weaponry and it doesn’t have to necessarily stick with damage, which having the drone makes him a versatile pick.

On the other hand though, he is classified as a DPS, and having a heal for the team sort of defeats the point.


Two things I’ve noticed with Hardscope:

  1. His BFG didn’t appear to be effected by the bonus for his hero during bounty, which made his damage horrible.

  2. He is required to be out of cover for 3 seconds to obtain the most out of his damage…but he kneels to reload, cancelling this buff. -_-

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Hardscope’s last name is Patience. You really have to wait for the right moment to carefully snipe-headshot an enemy. When you do, the damage is notable and well rewarded.

It’s easy to forget, but some heroes need to be played in a specific way to get the most out of them. For example, Pariah’s Mind Flayer requires intuition and timing to pull off. When you get it right, it pays off and an enemy is healed to death. Same thing with Serial, you have to know how to use him to be effective.

I personally like Hardscope, he’s underrated, the drone is useful too, since it’s basically a mini-heimlock; ‘subtle Heals’ at it’s peak.


i use hardscope sometimes. forget at times he can be a decent shooter. yes the drone kinda sucks, but i found it to be helpful as an extra healer or to take the hits so other heroes can rise (kurtz).

if you forget about the drone, it keeps the team alive. is good stuff

It seems like this should have gone into Community Gallery, but whatever, I’ll bite.

Heckler’s plat. It heals (for me) 20,449 health per second, for 3 seconds. My Heckler has 653,841 health. It seems out of place and doesn’t seem like it would activate too often. Heckler usually isn’t the last one alive, either.

I agree it’s fair for a weapon specialist to have a drone, besides Having one dimensional heroes would be boring

That being said, I think it would be improved if the heal at least received a buff or shorter cool down. Basically provide more benefit to the team that makes it a viable choice instead blasting down a hard scope all the time. Basically don’t fear subtle heals as much as being blasted in the head

Yeah but the skill activates every time an ally falls below the health threshold. If they were healed above the threshold then falls back down heckler gets another heal usually when I use him as long as heckler isn’t being targeted he gets burst heals quite often.

Oh I completely forgot to state when it happens LOL. Yeah it’s when an ally falls below 50% health.