Gauntlet and Power Brackets

Recently I’ve realised I’ve been completely ignoring the gauntlet, mainly for the reason I can’t quick win it, often I feel the gauntlet is a bit of tedious grind and when made to do it again after going up a power bracket I will simply remove it from the activities I do until a special event or scenario drives me to do the opposite.
It does come to me as a frustrating dilemma, because the rewards from the gauntlet help you so much when it comes to building your account, however I simply can’t bring myself to play the gamemode when on a set day you might not even be able to win it.
For me, the root cause of this issue is being forced into new power brackets. (Note: this is only an issue for PvE, in a PvP setting it works well)
Personally I would be completely happy to sit in the same power bracket and never take increased rewards so I can quick win each day, to me the grind of 15 consecutive missions with handicaps isn’t worth the effort and potential annoyances.
It often feels odd to hit a new milestone for total power and realise you’re essentially being punished for it, by being made to replay content to gain back something you once had.
My opinion on fixes would just be something that removes the need to win 5-5 to unlock quick win again, be that choosing your power bracket to play at your own pace or reducing the quick win to 50 tickets as a reward for beating it, or even a 3rd, 4th, and 5th option that’re more thought out than mine.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Gauntlet really isn’t the hard, if you’re struggling then ask for help on how to beat it. You may think that it would be a great thing to have the same challenge over and over without any change but there is a simple word that ruins that, monotony. When a game become monotonous, players stop playing, when a game loses players, they lose money, by not adapting the game to the challenge players need it would kill the game. You can all this an exaggeration but I will point you to reviews of the new Assassins Creed Valhalla for example, the main criticism and why people aren’t recommending the game is because it is not dynamic enough, they can use the same attacks regardless of enemy and win, there is no challenge to beating enemies so it gets monotonous and many feel cheated of their time playing

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there should be a change to the gauntlet itself - many people enjoy it and don’t find issues - my gripe is solely with the way you have to beat it multiple times to be able to quick win it over a large period of time, it’s an odd exception to the rule of beat it perfectly once and you can quick win

I am nearly 2.2m power, I have never QW gauntlet, it takes a matter of minutes to do all 5 sectors. Bare in mind I am facing level 100 rubies in sector 1-1. As your power grows you will change bracket less, you may complain about needing to beat it again but did you realise you get significantly more cash every time you gp up a bracket?

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I thought the same about the gauntlet. Turns out I didn’t understand I could only qw the next time after completing all sectors. I’d accumulated 10s of thousands of qw tickets. Now I qw all the time. Unless there is a hunt event

Leave hero load outs for each gauntlet wave on a friends comments to remember. Or write it down in a notebook like I did. Then you have your teams and it’s easy. Personally I quick win gauntlet every day and only play it once when I bracket up. I played it 3 times this year on one account and did it all in one try on 3x auto when I hit last bracket.

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For only winning 15 times to be able to claim all rewards for quick wins is definitely a great thing. It makes the game more in depth. If we could just quick win gauntlets without having to play them again in a different power bracket, it defeats the purpose of actually playing those missions.

Yeah 10 to 15 mint clear all 15 zone my power 2.13mil

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