Gauntlet quick wins again

Today I just had a fun night with some friends and I wasted 2 gauntlet resets.

We really need a quick win on this, gauntlet takes away to much time to play, I know this is stated before, but gauntlet is so time consuming.

Right now I’m sad(strong word) about the wasted bucks that are so hard to get and all the wasted gauntlet credits I didn’t use, just because I want to chill and drink a beer with some friends.

I think this needs a priority, it’s just a waste of time, and it’s starting to break a game I really love, I love this game but gauntlet is destroying my fun time, it’s a simple task with weird hero’s coming along, please solve this.

We need to drop so much quick win tickets, please let us use them on gauntlet, I want to spend quick wins on something like this and feeling it’s useful again


Totally agree with you, Kraterios. I want that option! I have more than 6500+ quick win tickets for that.


+1 Devs. Please help us live our lives and play the game.


Yeah it’s starting to break my fun, when I’m busy spending time on my study, helping friends move, work, repairing people’s laptop, renovating my parents house, spending time with my gf, or just trying to catch up on a serie.

Right now I actually needed to log in last minute when I was busy all day to fix this, next weekend is the bounty and this will be an even bigger problem


I also have to agree with the need for Gauntlet Quick Wins. This week alone, I missed two days worth of runs because of “life”. And when I do get around to doing them, it kinda feels like I am doing a chore. And I don’t think I am supposed to be feeling this way playing a game.

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What a great update! Thanks a lot! Love it!
Finally, I can speed up (3 times faster) the gauntlet and raids. Saves a lot of time!
Thank you, devs! <3

I guess I will wait and see what I would do with my 7500+ quick tickets in the future updates.

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