Idea to make Gauntlet more challenging

My guess is that, taking the average skill level of the entire player base into account, Gauntlet may be balanced fairly well (I don’t envy the person who has this task). But for many of us who have been playing the game a while, and/or are at the upper VIP levels, Gauntlet is a daily brainless exercise in clicking five heroes as fast as we can and hitting auto for each of the 5 levels.

Solving this is tricky because increasing the overall difficulty may make Gauntlet too challenging for newer and more casual players. It may be unfeasible to make optional difficulty levels (like the solo raids) since opponents are based on other players’ teams and vary for each person, day to day.

One potential solution could be to insert additional bonus difficulty level(s) (i.e. Sector 6, 7, etc.) that players can enter if certain criteria are met. For example, not losing a single hero throughout the entire gauntlet or defeating every level using only four heroes.

This would maintain the Gauntlet’s current difficulty level and help make it more challenging and interesting for stronger players without requiring developers to completely redo the matchmaking system.

Please share your feedback on this idea if you have any. Thank you.


I am completely for and support additional content for the gauntlet run, as it has always felt tedious and a drag when you have reached a strong roaster of hero’s. For the awards it would be awesome to incorporate stamina as I and many other players lack and possibly fragments for a variety of hero’s to choose from? I hope you find my information helpful thank you ^.^

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That’s a great idea, and there are probably a bunch of ways to make it more challenging. Maybe the easiest one I can think of is if you can complete all sectors without having anyone die, keep increasing the “average” the gauntlet AI’s team power until you do start losing characters.

I completely agree with this. I go thru gauntlet without losing a single hero and I don’t even have to pay attention! I like the current set up for it but would like to see more sectors added.

I’m all in favor of add in additional sectors at a higher difficulty that just makes the most sense to me. Adding to what others have said I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of randomized requirement placed on the higher difficulties I’m thinking a certain character has to be used, tanks only, 3 man team, mech only. Something of that nature that rotates daily.

Aside from the above, “gold” bonuses for completing the sector without any heroes dying or completing the “bonus sectors” suggested above (sector 6… 7…) will be most welcome too!

I think they have to be careful about making the whole gauntlet a lot more challenging, not only because of how it will affect newer/casual players but also because of the time investment it may require to complete it if it is too hard. I reminded of my time playing SWGoH where some nights it would take a good 1.5 to 2 hours to make it through every node (and I spent a good amount of money in that game too) … I definitely DON’T want to see that happen to HH.

This is why I think something optional that gives additional rewards for the stronger players could be the best solution.

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Hmm good point. @Skoram

As another proposal, they could take the same idea as with daily raids and coop mode and make different degrees of difficulty.
Same 5 sectors, just different difficulties to choose from with better rewards.

Additionally, there could be like a ‘Gauntlet Completion Crate’, which takes the same idea as the PvP Crates…
For PvP crates: 5 wins = 1 crate…
The Gauntlet Completion Crate could be like, 5 Gauntlet completions (finish Sector 5) = 1 crate… meaning it would take 5 days to obtain 1 crate (or every 2-3 days for ViP10+), and it could yield extremely valuable rewards, such as large quantity of bucks, hero frags, or gold.

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