Gauntlet Glitches at this time

I am playing Gauntlet ATM and I am in Sector 4 stage 2 and I have a 5 man team against four and I kill Flat and Operator and than Flat comes back to life Rezs Operator and I kill him and her again and they keep coming back again than all the enemy heroes are refilling there lives as I am shooting them. WTF is this the update has broken something in gauntlet and the cash you get now sucks HHG’s investigate this glitch it could be related to the servers going down this morning. My whole team keeps failing because of this and it sucks. Anybody else experiencing this?

Sounds boring!
What other enemies are there? Are you sure Flatline died or did someone (Mandrake) make her invisible?

no mandrake and the other two were ryker and ghoul

Are you on Android and did you update your app? I know people talked about Flatline coming back to life before (I never experienced it) but I was hoping those issues got fixed in the new update.

yep android and updated to the new update it is weird though

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