Beat this gauntlet hero

Just had the most amazing gauntlet enemy ever, you can’t beat this.

Basic glitch but lol.
If his power is zero, doesnt that mean you can’t kill him?

Also, apparently the gauntlet is min maxing too. Had this guy in run 2

Yep, saw a plat 8 star gammond with a bunch of low 4-5 star silvers. Had to knock around a few times but i got around to beating it.

Keep in mind that these are actual gauntlet teams from other players, so if another play min maxes and you just so happen to run into them, then youll have to face the wrath of the Min Max strat.

Yeah but 0 power? Lvl 0?

I mean people could face my plats and my green 3* elite rifleman, but I have never seen a hero with 0 power

I’ve seen the glitch too. On the results screen it bugs out and shows a green 0 power hero when you definitely didn’t fight a green 0 power hero. Look how much damage he took.

Experienced this glitch too.