Gauntlet should have an Endless mode just like in Min's Bedroom Simulator

Jokes aside, it would be nice to have an endless mode after stage five. Starting from the difficulty of stage five, the endless battle would be an endurance run. For every Gauntlet wave your team defeats, you gain plus 100 extra Gauntlet fragments and the next Gauntlet team becomes a few hundred power levels higher (upper limit being 10 Star, Level 100, Platinum +5, Max Skills). The next team would also have a higher chance to spawn as elements that are strong against your team as well as having a reduced chance to spawn as Heroes that are weak against your team (i.e. Fischer was killed too fast or Mandrake was killed too fast…). You would also only get one chance at this endless stage and resetting the Gauntlet would be the only way to regain chances.

Your thoughts?


This would make it ridiculously challenging

I love it.

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I like the idea. Min simulator event was a huge hit. I think this would be super cool to see.

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Id like to see a horde mode in addition to regular gauntlet. They dont need to be exclusive

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