Horde mode / endless mode

Guys the title says it all! Imagine assembling a team with your friends that takes on endless waves of enemies! With boss and stage changes every ten or so levels. In addition to loot that you can collect based on how long your team lasts! Sounds like an awesome time to me and with the eventual release of platinum, heroes will need a place to test their true potential!


Sounds like a good idea.

Maybe something to test the assembled team without stamina would be another good idea.

This sounds amazing… Love the idea.
Would love to see this in the near future…!!

To expand . . . with the new portraits that are coming soon . . . reaching certain waves could unlock certain portraits . . .


  • Reach Wave 100 in Horde Mode (unlock this border)
  • Beat a total of 1,000 Waves in Horde Mode (unlock this border)
  • Kill a total of 10,000 Snipers in Horde Mode (unlock this border)

I was a HUGE Call of Duty fan, and loved their Zombies Mode, which this would kind of be like… Survive for as long as you can, as the waves increasingly get stronger!

Also, I LOVED unlocking the emblems and titles for completing an achievement, which I’m glad will soon be incorporated into this game.

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I like infinite modes where you can play as long as you want until all your heroes are alive, and if all your heroes die, your score is saved and you can start over to beat your score. And there must me a rating of players to see who could go farther. Of course some players would play this mode 24 hours/7days a week on autoplay, that’s why you should give a reward only if you beat your previous score. If you don’t reach your previous score, you will not get any reward or at least will get a small compensation for your effort.

Moreover, we CRITICALLY need a mode where we can play using only one of our heroes, a 1 VS 1 PVP mode and a compaign mode for each specific character. We need this in order to feel each character. THere are some character that are not so strong and we never use them, or allow AI to control them, and this must be changed. All the heroes are so amazingly designed and have unique skills, thank you devs for that! You have to use this feature if you want to improve the game experience.