Gear Odds? Uphill battle even with reset

Why is it that I could spend 200 stamina and still only get 3 gold pieces. Whether I’m autoplaying one at a time or 10 it seems that even if I have enough stamina to play a mission 20 times over it doesn’t even guarantee I’ll get 6 fragments. Plat gear is simply impossible and im at the point of having to rack up gold for resets before even attempting to take someone plat. Are the odds that high for a reason? Does it scale with the rarity of the item? If so why are bronze and silver items even taking 5 rounds to get 1 item.

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Have you tried playing on hardmode missions? Ive heard it doubles the odds of getting materials and it seems to work.

Play on hard mode missions, odds are good on hard missions, never waste your stamina on normal missions if you want to get gear item’s, no matter green, bronze, gold or platinum.

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That’s false for hard mode. I’ve had the same happen I’ve burned a ton of stamina for very little return in gear. Also you can only get the MK pieces in normal.

You shouldn’t even be hunting for silver and gold items if you are playing a good amount. It should all come in naturally as you are grinding hero frags. If not, then you are overstretching your resources by upgrading everyone needlessly. Hunting for silver and lower in normal mode is just stupid, they should be naturally getting earned as your hunt hero frags in Hard. Do both at once. Will it take longer? Yes, but it kills two birds with 1 stone. Expect to spend like crazy if you are impatient. With your bad energy spending habits, you will never get anywhere since you waste so much energy hunting even useless silver and lower items.

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Slow your roll little fella. If you’re going to bring your elitism bs in here take it to another post. My question wasn’t how should I play HH? I already have a style preference so keep your “advice” if that’s what you call it.

BS means not having basis in logic and reality. Unfortunately I met both requirements. Have fun with mediocrity with your inefficiency, or ‘style’ if that’s what your pride calls it.

That’s not what it means, you seem to be in fact out of touch with reality. And unfortunately for you I have been anything but mediocre in this game and unlike you, I didn’t have to farm for stars :man_shrugging:t6: , I’m just nice at it :grin: , you and your fragile masculinity can go try to impose your beliefs one someone else cause I’m hearing none of it

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Understood. But now that you’re here could you explain why the odds are so low to get any level gear from autoplaying normal missions

I can tell you that the odds are what they are. They’re not specifically designed to be “low.” Rare gear is harder to find than common gear. That’s just the way it is! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be rare.

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Rare gear is harder to find.

Of course it’s suposed to be harder, but really 560 energy wasted in autoplay in order to get just 3 plat gears?

Gold and plat items are supposed to be hard to get. Or it would be pointless like @Muninn said. but I agree. Sometimes I’ll go through 400+ stamina just to get 6 throwing stars. The next time i need them I’ll do 10 quick wins and get 8. Odds are meant to not be easy or everyone would have platinum everyone

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