Even-Numbered Hard Mode Missions

Hi everyone. Thought I’d bring up a topic I haven’t heard any opinions on yet to gather feedback, so if you could please read and give your opinion, it’d be much appreciated…

Hard mode missions are great for watching ad videos to farm hero fragments and obtain necessary silver, gold, and platinum items to upgrade heroes… we watch ad videos on hard missions because the payout is greater than watching ads on normal missions… the odd-numbered ones, that is.
But what about the even numbered missions (excluding 10).

Face it… Nowadays, no one actually expends stamina on hard missions unless they’re trying to complete them for the first time… Watching ads while we’re out of stamina is the only viable method for completing hard-mode missions…
With that being said, even-numbered hard missions cost double the stamina than their counterpart normal missions, yet give no increased reward/incentive to complete (like the odd-numbered hard missions do with hero fragments), yet they give the exact same rewards as the normal difficulty…

Were you aware that virtually every single hero in the game requires Gold Pistols and Gold Throwing Stars in order to be upgraded to max rank (with very few exceptions)?
Both of which items can only be obtained through even-numbered missions, meaning that you would be losing benefit if you watched ads on them, as opposed to the Gold Sniper Rifle which not many heroes require, yet are available through odd-numbered missions.

My suggestion would be to increase incentive to watch ads on even-numbered hard mode missions, whether it be a bigger amounts of cash, guaranteed chance at essential items, or other hero fragments, in order to put an ease on hero upgrading.

Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I spend more stamina on hard mode than normal. I need the frags (heronium), and I think droprate of items is more consistent in hard mode per stamina spend.

Nowadays I use my stamina on hard mode for the exact same reason

Same here, I use most of my stamina in hard mode, droprates are much higher.

Hard 5-8 is my go to for gold stars.

I’m feeling that hard mode has a better drop rate that normal. So i generally farm gold/plat equipment from hard mode. And in the little sample i’ve made in both cases, I end up winning by choosing hard mode.

When you consider this, I don’t really think we need more of an incentive to play hard mode. It’s already there

I think you answered your own question here. As almost every hero requires these items and they can only be found during those missions, that right there gives an increased incentive to do those missions.
Now I wasn’t here when the initial balance of the game was implemented, It’s the start of my third month, but this seems like pretty standard for a game that allows players to grind out everything in the game, making things get tough.

That being said, I’ll take note of this and put some more thought into it and bring it up with the rest of the team.


@LordNikon - I think you slightly misunderstood his point; I’ll try and clarify.

Normally, people grind out gear from normal missions since the stamina drain is far less. However, if a gear piece can be found in a hard mission, then it’s often a good idea to take the stamina hit and do the hard mission instead if you can also get hero frags.

However, since gold stars and gold pistols are found on even-numbered missions, there is no incentive to play their hard-mode counterpart since you take a stamina hit with no added bonus of hero frags. That’s why Poob is saying that there is zero incentive to play those even-numbered hard missions. Your assertion that the incentive comes from needing gold pistols/stars isn’t accurate since the normal-mode mission is the better option always. The end result is that half of the available hard-mode missions get ignored after the first playthrough.

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Ahh I getcha.
For some reason it was in my mind that those were only available in the hard mode missions.
Can I still blame it on being new here? lol


@papa_marsh @LordNikon

Before it was mentioned chance of drop was the same for any mission where an item dropped. After the change in item requirements however I feel that the droprate was reduced a lot in normal but remained higher in hard. So I only do normal for daily and after that all go to hard. It could be that the drop rate per stamina spend is the same in normal and hard but hard seems more reliable.

If you could get hero frags out of the mission, you’d be limited to 3 tries a day.

As far as incentive to play the hard mission without frags. From my experience and sample data, the cost per item part in hard mode is less than in normal. At least for gold/plat.

For example, today, i managed to get 14 Plat grenade belt fragments for about 330 stam.(true value, but I admit this is one of those rare times where you get very lucky)

so about 1 plat frag per 24 stam used.

My good samples in normal were about 1 per [6-8] wins.
so 1 frag per [48-64] stam.

That feels about correct I would have estimated that I get close to 2 out of 3 attempts in hard and way less on normal.

I might be wrong, but i always assumed all hard levels had the same “reward” as the normal difficulty.

I just found one for which it’s not the case. @Huginn, devs, Is there any chance this is an oversight ?

Level 8-6
*Normal :
**Gold heavy helmet fragment
**Platinum medium helmet fragment
** xp, bucks, quick win

**Gold heavy helmet fragment
**Platinum medium helmet fragment
** xp, bucks, quick win

@Rh4uk0 @HecklerP @JusTaLazyGuy @raginfiar @Szan @LordNikon

Okay, so I feel like my original post was a little misunderstood by you guys,
but @Papa_Marsh summed up exactly what I was trying to say in much clearer terms.
Thank you for that @Papa_Marsh

I’d like to get this out in the open…
I said in my original post that hardly anybody spends stamina in hard missions, and according to the responses I’ve gotten in this thread, I am wrong.
So, okay, lets say that a lot of people DO spend stamina in hard missions

Although it may seem like the drop rate per hard mission is higher than the drop rate per normal mission, that does not mean that the drop rate PER STAMINA is higher…
For instance if the drop rate in Hard Mission 6-7 for Gold Assault Rifle Frags is 30% and the drop rate in Normal Mission 6-7 for Gold Assault Rifle Frags is 15%, can’t you see that the drop rate per stamina is exactly the same and there is no difference at all, considering the stamina per mission is DOUBLED from normal mode to hard mode…

So this is where my unsatisfaction comes in to play… Considering there is no difference in drop rates PER STAMINA between normal and hard missions… The ONLY difference between normal 6-7 and hard 6-7 is double the stamina AND A HERO FRAGMENT

HOWEVER, HERE’S MY CONCERN: _The ONLY difference between normal 6-6 and hard 6-6 is double the stamina… see the difference there?

Now, I have never once seen a confirmation statement from the developers of the game that the drop rate PER STAMINA in hard mode missions is greater than the drop rate PER STAMINA in normal mode missions (if there is, please correct me), and UNTIL there is one, and that quantity difference is explicitly expressed, then the whole purpose of this original post is to propose that even-numbered hard missions should be AS incentivized to expend resources upon as the hero-fragment-giving odd-numbered hard mode missions…


I understood you the first time. In the past there was a post that dropchance in any mission was the same (not saying anything about hard or normal). Than they did the item rework and strongly reduced drops in normal. However since than drops in hard seem much better to me. Hard also often drops other items on the same mission which is another reason.

I really can’t be bothered to run the numbers.

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Drops are not the same between normal/hard in many missions. Check out 7-10, 8-8, the core frag missions 9-5, 10-5, 11-5, 12-5, and anything with plat throwing knives, just off the top of my head. There are more, but those come to mind immediately.

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