Normal or Hard - that is the question

When grinding for equipment, do you usually pick Hard or Normal missions?
Which is more rewarding?

I go Normal. But sometimes I replay (quick win) the same mission 20-25 times just go get a few (4-5) parts of my desired equipment. This has been discussed in a separate equipment thread but I’m interested enough about this to let the question have bigger exposure.

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I farm on normal.

For me I have a 50% chance on silver Items, 40% on gold and 30% on platinum. At least thats what it seems like, never really made a staistic about it.
I sometimes dont really get items for 20 missions, but then get 8 out of 10, so it compensates over time.

I think the ratio on hard may be double, but you use double the stamina, so it doesnt really change the item to energy ratio.

If it doesnt change the ratio you get items, and you get hero shards, isnt hard more rewarding?

If the needed item is avaliable in a mission with frags, it surely is

I wish I got those ratios.

Gold throwing stars/throwing knives come to mind. With a ratio of ~5%.


These two seem to be some kind of their own. Have a lower ratio with them too. Dont know whats wrong with them, but they are some shy guys.

I just buy them in alliance and gauntlet store. Those things are huge stamina drainers