Ghoul's gold skill doesn't work; fix it

The gold skill on ghoul is supposed to create additional fires when an enemy affected by Molotov is killed - near that enemy. Instead, a Molotov fire is generated at ghoul’s own location. This is distracting, serves no purpose, and is a big waste of skill points and cash. Fix it.


I am having the same issue! I use Ghoul in the new Sewer Rats Raid and where he is standing there’s constantly green fire where instead it should be setting the battlefield on fire NOT where Ghoul is Standing!!! SMH PLEASE FIX THIS @hothead!!! I really like Ghoul and he would be a better player if his gold skill actually worked!!! Smh

But if Matador, Ronin or someone like that jumps on you, they will be burned for 1 sec :smiley: OP skill

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