Thanks for fixing

…Gammond in PvP. Not sure how long it’s been better for—maybe weeks—but there was a period after his new Gold was introduced that if he was the last hero on a side, the match would end before it ran its course. Not anymore!

Not fixed. I haven’t faced a Gammond in about 2 weeks that didn’t die immediately. Gold skill isn’t working for anyone.

Good to know that you know if my Gammond works :thinking:

Works fine for me too.

Guess you’re one of the lucky ones. When Gammond was tweaked last month he was awesome and worked perfectly. Now and for the past 2 weeks give or take a few days, he hasn’t one time activated his gold skill. I don’t use Gammond, haven’t found anything that works with him yet, but my PvP opponents frequently do and he’s just 1 and done. Rather curious as to why every hero functions differently. It’s not a player to player thing, but it might be a straight luck thing or it may be a team comp thing or perhaps something as simple as a positioning thing. It’s obvious that the behavior of each hero is inconsistent. Every hero is useful when reliable, we just need to know what makes them change their behavior.

@Macdaddyclub I believe silence locks down gold & plat skills. If that’s not what’s happening to you, though…I got nuthin’.

Sure is nice getting those last 20 pvp gems off of Gammond and Phoenix, though!

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