Keel's gold Scavenge passive NOT working (v 1.5)

As title reads, just updated to June12 update version 1.5 and Keel’s gold passive doesn’t work anymore.
I’m on iPhone.


I just tried it out in three different campaigns by specifically destroying cover items, scavenge never worked. Didn’t work in pvp either.

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Shucks. Moderators please acknowledge and fix it asap thanks

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I noticed this to, I really like keel, used to be one of the best healers around

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Nooooo. This makes her basically worthless until fixed :frowning:

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Oh… They broke Keel :confused:

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I also noticed it. But it seems to occur in some matches only.

Tried it in a challenge a few times and 0 gold proc, so it’s seems to be more then some, ahh well don’t use keel until it’s fixed you can send her on patrol now since you won’t miss her :joy: haha

Best use of patrols ever. Getting rid of heroes lol

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Same with cinders plat-skill

Hello developers please fix cinder’s plat skill, i used baron to destroy covers and cinder doesnt get any power boost

Another Thing to note, keel’s gold skill for healing doesnt work at all when i destroy enemy cover and please remove the nurfed affects that u gave to halo cinder and baron because even during pvp i still lose to teams that ca beat my baron and halo combination plat skills for lightning and cover breaker


They just nerfed Halo. And without that over powered combination, its not so hard to beat them. May try a different combination yourself?

There are already threads and I saw that you fund them yourself, so may post there, instead of opening a new one?

We are working on a fix for Cinder and Keel. We hope to get it out shortly!


I merged similar topics

Great i had the same problem with keel and use her in half my pvp matches

Hi Huginn, I see that Keel’s gold is now working in pvp, but it still doesn’t work in gauntlet just wanted to give a heads up. I haven’t tested other modes but those 2.

Yes. The fix we deployed was a patch for online modes. A new client is needed to fix the offline modes. A new client should be available shortly which fixed Keel in Gauntlet, Campaign and Solo Raids.

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Any progress about fix?

It’s been long fixed for me o.O

If you are still experiencing this, check that your game is updated or contact ingame support

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