Gilded Festival

This was the first… in 2020… but was it the last? 13 months have past and one ton of Gilded tokens saved… waiting for it


all we can do is wait and see if one happens soon or not.

The twist: “ladies n gentleman, let me introduce u this year our speciality crate festival:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This one was most recently

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Just a quick question, but aren’t those dates ready past? May 14th to June 8th? Its June 25th? And there was no mention to this festival in game.

He was referring to last year’s gilded festival and not this year.


we usually used to have one every 6 months…but its been over 7 now and still no mention of it… i guess HH devs havent been feeling too generous lately lol

Well then that clears things up! :wink:

I just gave up and burned mine LOL

I too am wondering when the next gilded festival will be :frowning

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