Gilded Hero Idea: Heavy Gunner - Unbeatable Frontiline

Before we start:
This isn’t an original idea or a proper concept, because the character in question is based on a non-playable character already in the game.
But don’t get me wrong, this is just my version of how it could be.

ALL the images present are taken from the FanKit.

P.s I’ll be honest, I wanted to put the link to Rick Roll, but a very reliable source advised me not.

Let’s start now

Element: Mech
Faction: KLG Black Ops
Position: Frontline

Hp 4/5
Armor 5/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 2/5

[wheezing with violent intent]

Support - Tank - Defender - Self-Service Booster
Elite heavy machine gunner.
With his mix of protective/offensive skills, he can break the path for his squad, protect them and massacre enemies at the same time.

Bronze: Personal Shield - loads a personal shield that can absorb up to X damage.

  • Every time the shield takes a critical hit, an X% is converted to health for the hero.

Silver: Mass Protection - loads a shield with X health and distributes it equally to all allies.

  • When one shield suffers damage, it reduces and distributes the damage to the other shields.
  • the fewer allies there are, the more total health the shields will have.

Gold: Overdrive - when the hero gets or donates a shield, he gets a [Overdrive] charge by increasing the rate of fire, ammunition and damage to his weapon by 10%.

  • The weapon can get endless upgrades but once a shield is destroyed, the hero will lose 5 charges and be forced to reload the weapon.

Platinum: Exaggeration - once the entire team is protected by the hero’s shields, all allies will receive the same bonuses that the hero has at that time.

  • Allied bonuses will only remain active as long as the shields have more than 80% health.

Ruby: Support

Appearance: is a mix between the two types of heavy soldier already present in the countryside but more massive and more protected.
the color palette varies from black to red (as in the two pictures) and some metallic dark gray notes

His Weapon: “Heavy Rotating Cannon” is the same machine gun that has the default character, but colored in black and decorated in red.
It has a very low rate, little ammunition and very slow reloading.
But with the power-ups given by [Overdrive] it gets much stronger.

Class: LMG
shooting rate : 4.00
ammunition capacity : 40
recharge time : 3.2 sec
damage : Very Low

More Notes

The hero’s protective abilities are a mix between Butter and Vanguard, but the shields themselves are very weak and only serve to enhance the weapon.
The way I “designed” it, the maximum power for the shields are:
Personal shield 500k health.
The group shield has 1 million total health, but it is distributed equally to the entire team generated troops included, so the shields will have very little total health.
In general skills reload very quickly, but you have to wait for at least one shield to be destroyed.


I really do hope that the tanks join the HH roster soon in the upcoming future. The concepts I have been reading through the forums has been very inspiring.

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:+1: probably a safe bet.


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