New Hero Suggestion : Nathans - The Unyielding Shield

An idea for a KLG hero

Name: Nathans
Description: Battlefront Commander. Boosts allies attack and defense. Combat shielder
Type: Mech
Frontline Hero

Bronze: Iron Formations. All allied heroes will be unable to move for X amount of seconds. However, their defense will be increased by X% and their damage will be increased by X%.

Silver: Battle Readiness. All allied heroes will receive X amount of shield. If shield is depleted before x amount of seconds, allied heroes will receive X% buff in reload speed for X amount of seconds.

Gold: Undying Warrior. If hero is killed, he will get back up with 100% Health and immeadiately boost his attack and defense by more than X%

Platnium: Combat Readiness. At the start of each match, allied heroes will get X amount more damage and X amount of shields.

A well known and respectable commander within the ranks of the KLG legion. He oversaw many of the patrols within KLG territory. Until one day, his patrol was attacked by the Watch. Nobody survived the incident. His corpse was brought back to the central HQ and revived with cybernetic limbs. He now oversees most if not all operations against the Watch by the KLG.

Nice concept, but a few problems:

  1. Your gold would be very, very annoying and it could turn the tide. Paired with Ifrit and Flatline and you have a hero that can’t possibly die.
  2. Your bronze is going to be a thorn in a shoe to deal with. Even with the buffs, you aren’t invincible against EFFECTS. Heroes like Cast, Yanlong, Cinder, Chester and many more heroes with skills depending AOE. This shall set your team in a HUGE disadvantage, though the armor and damage buff could make up for it.
  3. So is the plat saying that at the start of the match, they get more damage and a shield or extra shield health when a shielder activates their ability?
  1. The Gold Ability would probably only work once

  2. The idea for the bronze is your team will be seperated before this can activate preventing AoE. I also don’t put specific numbers because my numbers would be way too high.

  3. The plat will give them a shield to begin with and kind of like panzers platnium they’ll have a really high damage boost at the start.

I think you’ve got my point a little mixed up.
What I mean is that this bronze of yours are Rooting your heroes, making them vulnerable to high damaging AOE skills like Salvatore, Yanlong and Cinder due to the fact that they can’t move to dodge

oof never thought about it like that

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