Hero Suggestion: Mr. BoomTank

This post made me think about a tank hero that does more than just standing around, hoping to draw damage from the AI controlled heroes.

The idea would be a late threat like Cinder. His weapon would deal low damge to opponents, but good against cover. He has , as you would expect from a tank high HP and high deff.

Bronze Skill: A slow charging, but hard hitting skill. It takes about 45 seconds to charge, but deals ~300k neutral damage and is unavoidabel, but has some cast time, so you can block it.

Silver Skill: I would like to see Yanlongs skill or similar here. He slowly builds up his defense to the point he can even tank two damage dealers if he survives the first Minute.
Maybe instead of the armour he would gain a damage reduction and extra HP.

Gold Skill: Each time he hits his Bronze the cooldown gets reduced by 20% and he provides XX armour to his team.
This should make him really dangerous towards the end of the match.

Platinum Skill: Something similar to Ronins Gold. Each time the team breaks a cover he gets some extra damage to his Bronze. If he hits it, the extra damage is lost. The next broken cover adds damage to the next strike of his Bronze.

The high charge time may seem to make him useless, but remind that he adds extra damage with his Plat. So he can one hit squishy opponents.
Numbers are open for discusion, but I think a tank like this would do a lot better than the tanks we have now.

(note that the name is just to fill the 10 characters :wink:)

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45 seconds to load?! That would never ever ever be shot off. All an enemy would have to do is break your cover and wham it’s wasted. Also, would he be totally useless for those seconds while charging or not? 50% of any pvp games I play end in less than 45 seconds, so he wouldn’t be super useful. I’m not sure thats practical in any way.

I meant 45 seconds to charge so that you can activate it. Changed it in the post.

I often have matches longer than 45 seconds. But as I said, numbers are up for discussion. May change it to 30 seconds.
The whole point of the hero is to be a tank you can not ignore, because you can kill him off later anyway since he does not deal damage. If he gets up his deff more and more and has a hard hitting skill, you have to take care of him early or be killed by him later on with his skill.

I would like to see the matches get more tactical anyway. Atm there is only one tactic, hit as hard and as fast as you can. I have a team that stretches the matches out the matches so that Cinder can show her full potential in late game. But there are only a few heroes you can use for that. Imagine a hard and fast hitting team against a more defensive team that kills slowly but steadily. You have to win it with your hard hitters in a minute or get into big trouble because the late threat heroes will kill you.

Ah, that makes much more sense. Perhaps more specific wording would help clarify. I’m assuming that time could be lessened by successful shots hit?

I did further editing, hopefully it is more clear now :grimacing:
Added some extra to his Gold, so that there is something to upgrade.

Yes the charge time would be lessened by his Gold everytime he hits the skill. With the numbers I suggested he would hit it 3 times within the first two minutes.

He definitely would be finicky. Trying to balance massive potential damage could create a Panzer 2.0. But then again, you are correct about the lack of strategies present. Whether or not one late game hero would change that is the question needing asked now.

Yes he definitely needs to be balanced well to do the right amount of damage. To low and he would be useless, to high and he could be OP. The difference to Panzer is that she instantly one shot the opponent. With the long Charge you have the chance to kill him before he gets dangerous.

One hero will not change the way the game is played. But there are already some heroes that can make a good late threat team. A shielder team with Butter, Phalanx and Kobold can tank like hell. Combined with Cinder you have to get rid of them fast, because Cinder is unstoppable in late game. Cinder, Phalanx, Baron and Keel work good, too.
If we get two or three more heroes that can be added to these heroes it could get a viable tactic to wear out the game over the minute mark.