Goblin Funhouse recruiting

Come one come all and see Goblin Funhouse. An active family of oddballs, freaks, and maybe a few lunatics. We are competitive but also relaxed. This is a place to smoke a fatty with your friends as we help one another grow stronger. Minimum bounty is 300 million. We keep it easy so you can have a life outside of a game. Participation in alliance wars will also be required. Level 80 minimum.

So what are you waiting for? Come join our merry band of misfits. Become a GOBLN

oof I have 651 k power

@Yosai Find us in game. Goblin Funhouse. My name is the same in game as well.

I haven’t been kicked out have I
That would be sad

I got kicked out of the funhouse but I completely forgot why. Can I come back?

@Gambit, you’re still with us. If you logged on a little more you would know that :thinking: lol.

@Lurking_Garbage, if I remember correctly you didn’t meet the minimum 300 mil bounty requirement twice in a row. If you can meet it as well as be active in alliance wars, then yes you may come back.

I’m sorry man :smile:
I know I’m making excuses. I’m a bum. I’ve been studying for SAT’s. Just took em yesterday. Haven’t been on cause of it.

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@The_Green_Goblin Yeah, uh…

Gonna pass (again). I’m not online enough to be able to reach that minimum bounty damage. I doubt even now I’m able to reach that high even with my boosted Faction. In fact, I don’t think I’m online that much at all!

Am gonna stay in my corner of the world and be sad.