Newbie alliance

I just started a new alliance and was hoping to have people help make it grow! If you’re interested, message me! (Yes I’m real, I have Instagram to prove so :roll_eyes:)

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alright im 598 k power

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  1. You really exist > checked (Nymphoman)
  2. are you also what you pretend to be > pending :thinking:

My alliance, top 200-ish, is prestigeless and aren’t afraid of letting new players in. We often / almost have a bunch of slackers who do nothing, better get rid of those and get some new blood in. It’s great fun to see a new player go from egg to fully hatched bull. If you are a serious and active player you’re welcome. :slight_smile: HOWEVER BIG DISCLAIMER: I inherited the alliance from someone who left the game and can not rename it. I would NOT have picked the name “Drakonkings” for an alliance. But please, feel free to look us up.

Sorry none of that made sense, what was your question, be a bit more direct :slightly_smiling_face: