[THT] THREAT looking for power-players!

Hello people of the forums, it’s me, ya boi Vinter, comin’ at you with another recruitment video…er…post.

Are you tired of the opponent takin’ out your Flatline in 3 seconds? (“all the time!” :unamused:)

Do you get sick of people who sandbag with Ronin and then promply kick your a**? (“yes! someone finally said it, thank you!” :disappointed:)

Do you feel like your alliance is as useless as Galante and no-one does anything helpful? (“not sure if Galante is useless but okay” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
WELL THEN YOU’RE IN LUCK! :open_mouth:!

The sweetest mid-level alliance to ever grace the halls of these forums needs your help! The glorious alliance of [THT] THREAT are looking for committed level 30 or higher (100k power or more) members that are active and ready to help support in patrols, bounties, and all-around positivity and chillaxity. We aren’t super strict, but we stay on top of stuff to get the job done right. (Job done right = More frag swag) :sunglasses:

If you are interested in this totally dope crew, then message me or one of the officers!

Disclaimer: [THT] THREAT cannot resolve Flatline deaths or Ronin sandbagging. We just want to establish some common ground here folks. [THT] THREAT is not responsible for butthurt or saltiness caused by these issues. Contact player support if you believe your pvp loss was a glitch.

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Finally! My hard work putting together ridiculous yet entertaining alliance recruiting messages is paying off. Glad to see others being clever with their recruitments!

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Save a spot for me plx
I am in need of one.
I can help with bounty and events
Tho I am not online that much. Would once per 2 days work?

That would work just fine. :wink: The invite is open and we have 7 or so spots open. Come right in!

BTW, are you the alliance leader or someone else is?

I’m an officer, but it’s an open invite.

Thought I would bring this up again for y’all.

No necro’ing topics. See the FAQ.