Gold price for cash/stamina still raises

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the whole idea of having the gold price of cash and stamina was to not have it increase as you bought more? Well… it still raises. Infact it doubles. Not only do you pay 25 gold for cash, but after you buy enough it raises to 50? Why? Why would it cost 50 gold to buy 80k cash?? I thought this was the entire reason of the raised prices?

Did you update your game? I bought 4 to test and it remained at 25. Check to make sure it’s fully updated through your App Store

Yes its fully updated

I think there might be a misunderstanding. You might be seeing something like this:

25g = 10,000 Bucks. For the first 4 purchases
50g = 20,000 Bucks. For the next 4 purchase

The cost is still 25g per 10,000 Bucks. On the 5th purchase the gold price goes up but so does the number of bucks.

This is actually something that hasn’t been mentioned that I was hoping to get some feedback on. Is this okay, or should it just be a flat 25g and you might need to press it several times?

Sorry I just saw this. Imo is should stay 25 for 10
But yes that is exactly what’s happening

The rate should still remain flat, no question about that in my opinion. However, this still goes back to the topic that was mentioned in the ‘state of HH post’. The prices are simply too expensive for me to wisely use conversion features. Please keep in mind that a lot of players have voiced their distain of the current gold conversion rates, as evidenced by the poll/replies in that thread.