Converting gold to money

I’ve been investing in HH for a while now, and have been utilizing gold and dollars to progress. However, it’s frustrating to not be able to convert gold into dollars without buying (with real $) a VIP pass. No other game I know of restricts it’s players like that, and it increases the value of the dollars to equal that of gold.

Perhaps VIP can be used to earn monthly bonuses instead of restricting conversions. If that was the case playing the game would be more enjoyable.

Yea I agree with this point but also think its time to increase bucks payouts across the game. We haven’t seen any changes in the amount of bucks we get from gauntlet, campaign, or any other mode as the game was progressed. In the first months of the game the amount of bucks we were getting were not a problem. Found some times where I’d have 2 to 3 million easily from just playing but now I can barely hit a million and that’s gone very soon.

Even looking at gauntlet numbers, basically the primary source of bucks in the game. With hero skills costing over 45k for one point over 70, you don’t earn more then that in one match until you hit the 4th sector. Not to mention crafting costs of over 80k for one platinum item, there needs to be some sort of “inflation” change, preferably more ways to earn cash but also an increase in the amount of cash.


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