VIP 0 players, how's your gold inflow?

How much gold do you currently have?
How do you spend your gold?
How long do you have to save up for a 10 pack of hero crates?
Do you prioritize Crates for new character releases?


Not sure why would you be interested in this info, but just wanna point that VIP 0 can’t buy the 10x crates bundle.

I’m interested basically since we play the same game (which in itself is an interest of mine) and I’d like to know as much about it as possible.
I haven’t had any reason to count my gold intakes yet but a quick calculation gives me:
30 daily gold from Daily Quests, maybe 50 / week from PVP crate, and seems like there are 2 PVP events each month which both reward gold (so 300-400 from there each month). And a few bars from watching ads.
All in all: very little gold!

I very rarely open crates now, I have too many heroes to build ATM. I spend a huge lot of gold buying stamina refills, resetting raids, buying hecking bucks at the exchange thingy - things I tell myself I have to do in order to advance in the game - but also things that VIP 0;ers probably can’t. I wanna know about each aspect / way of playing.

Vip 0 here,
I have about 2392 gold right now.
I use mainly for super hero crates offers, and tiered crates that offer lots of stamina (like razorback one) and sometimes on solo raid resets because bronze canisters depletes really fast.
I can’t buy 10x, but I save up golds from pvp rewards, daily rewards, and pvp tournaments/brawl rewards, which takes weeks.
For the last question, I honestly don’t because I want super hero crate than new character release crates.


Well, basically what Nyris said is probably the best course of action for VIPs 0.

I think saving gold for super hero crates is the best way of using your gold.

I started using gold on solo raids whenever I get lucky with PvP crates, since, as you said, canister are a pain to get. Never used buck exchange, though. Using gold to get not even a single skill leveled up seems like a waste of gold.

50 a week out of PvP crate? That would be one or two PvP crates a week. Making you only win 80 machtes a week? 12 a day, 6 per reset? I think you missed a few gold out of crates here and then :wink:

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I get maybe 7 or 8 PVP crates each week and I’m usually pretty average in my ranking (ergo the average player should get about as many as me) and pretty seldom do these crates give me gold. Today I’ve opened 3 PVP crates and gotten Super XP and Quick Win Tickets x2.
I have no idea how you have better odds for getting gold bars in your PVP crates or how many PVP crates with a 15% chance of gold you’re opening each week.

I´m just astonished, ho few crates you get. Because i thought you get more then five victorys a day. I´m getting gold once or twice a day. Depends on how much PvP I do. More if there are torunaments and free play, so you can play PvP two times per reset.

Maybe you’re jusrt simply playing much more PVP than I am? :slight_smile: More of a competitive PVP player? Are you aiming for top 100 or better? I, and the big mass ain’t

If In correct in my assumption of me getting about 8 PVP crates each week that totals 40 wins each week. With a win / lose ratio of 50% that adds up to a total of 80 weekly PVP matches. This sounds about right to me. :slight_smile:

So 8 crates each week with a 15% chance of generating gold = 1.2 gold rewards from PVP crates each week.

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Depends on how much time I have to spare. But normally I play through my top 15 heroes. How much matches that will make depends on how often I meet Panzer :sweat_smile:
But I take about an hour a day to play PvP, if I got nothing else to do.

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There are times when you can get 10 pvp crates a day with no gold in sight. The pulls are independent of each other lol. And despite the crates showing a gold rate of 15.12%, the “trash” rates are essentially 47.68% (sim, bucks and XP). Don’t be fooled by the higher gold percentage relative to individual rewards. This is strategically designed to make you feel like pvp is a viable gold farming option when in fact it’s not.

This game is definitely pay to win and almost pay to play. Imagine a static 30 gold per day. Lets make it 35 with the free gold from the video. You essentially need 86 days to open 10 hero crates. You need around 52 days to save for a super hero crate. Then you need a tremendous amount of luck to pull viable heroes diluted by 80% crappy heroes.

I’m currently VIP 5. I have an alliance mate who’s VIP 9 with only 50 days account age with 10* heroes and way better crate heroes than mine. And I am sure he is considered as a noon-whale in this game, probably a dolphin.

The inequality gap from VIP 0, Mid tier VIPs and Uber whales, then we have the whailord-betas, are incredibly baffling. And the devs are even introducing mechanisms to further worsen this gap. I’m just glad they’re not handling a country’s economic policies. Haha

Maximum Salt^

Ill admit its easier to get gold as a vip. Even being vip1 gives a pretty reliable source of gold just through daily login.

Vip0 is pretty rough, but at least you get lots of quick wins now.

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As mentioned Im VIP5 myself. Call it salt or whatever, Im just stating facts. VIP0 is the ultimate hard mode.

I’m stating facts and the truth hurts. The economy in this game is designed worse than EA games. People on top paid their way in that position. There’s no shame in that. The system is designed that way.

How is VIP 1 getting more gold through daily login then VIP 0?

All your whining about the game gets annoying. May just quit and let us others discuss the game without you shouting out how unfair everything is?

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I think he means that if you buy the 30 day gold drop thingy which will make you VIP 1 you’ll have another 30 guarantees gold each day from there.

But that is no advantage you get as VIP 1, if you buy it ervery month you get on a higher VIP level soon.

The gold inflow you can generate is the same no matter if you are VIP 0 or VIP 8. At VIP 9 you get an extra PvP life, so you get advantages for more PvP crates there.
No question Autoplay makes it easyer to play through your weak heroes for some lucky wins. But the posibillitys to get gold are the same up to VIP 8.

@WalleWu Everyone has Autoplay since the update, which seems fair, we just got a speed boost for non other player involved stuff

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Maybe you should quit then if you’re getting annoyed.

The OP is asking for gold flow. If the gold people buy to get from VIP0 to VIPonwards is not counted then this discussion is moot. Again, Im stating facts. The normal gold flow vs just the 30 day gold bonus is already a 100% increase to passive gold farming. That’s a good value for payers haha but it exponentially leaves free players. I bet there’s hardly any VIP0-VIP1s in the rankings.

So you want to tell me, that you get an advantage over non paying players, if you invest your money? Isn´t that the concept of an freemium game?
He was asking about the gold income without cash and you stared whining again how unfair and uneven it is for free players. It is not. I´m doing fine at VIP 1. Finishing constantly top 500, even top 100 from time to time. As for cashflow, I get ~100 gold a day, if there is only free play avaliable, even more if there is a tournament so you can double play. Adding the tournament, event and patroll gold, I can buy the 10 crate pack twice a month. I think thats fair for relying on others to finance the game.

What is patrol gold?