Gorgon wakes needs more

Huntzman, I agree with all of your ideas. My other alternative for war would be to make them half as long but resetting every 12 hours instead of 24. That would make it fair worldwide as war start times are a nightmare for many countries plus the wars are just too damn long.

Hi Proximus, I think resetting every 12 hrs may not really resolve the war start time issue.

The biggest issue I see about war start time is that those who are online at war start get to grab the best tiles on the map. This is because grey tiles are so easy to capture. Those who cannot be on at war start, by the time they come online, all the good tiles have been taken. And in some bad cases, even their base is already taken by other teams. Shields are activated/tiles are fully defended by other teams… So even with two bp resets a day, those who come on later is already at a disadvantage as they have to wait for shields to drop and on top of that need to fight heavily defended tiles.

In my opinion, the best way to resolve this issue is to make grey tiles very difficult to capture. All grey tiles should be fully defended (i.e. a 2-star grey tile should have all ten zones defended by KLG Mercs. Not just two zones defended). KLG mercs power should be average of top team of all eligible players on the map. This way, even if 25 players on one team is online at war start, they have to fight hard to go through tough KLG Mercs to get to the centre. They won’t be able to easily Scout Attack grey tiles if all zones are fully defended. When other teams come on at a later time, there will still be plenty of grey tiles in the centre map to capture. Everyone will get fair chance at the centre tiles regardless of time zone. Nobody gets to dominate the centre at war start as what is currently happening now.

Expanding the map and/or reducing number of teams to 4 or 2 per map are also possible ideas to ensure there are still good tiles on the map when teams come online late.

But for me, the best solution is to make grey tiles difficult to capture. This is where I would like to see difficulty boosted. :slight_smile:

I agree. It starts after midnight for me and it isn’t always possible for me to stay up till then.
They can do this or they can roll the starts of war by 8 hours. This way all of us have a fair chance to be on at start of war at least once.
For example say if war starts at midnight on the first one then at 8:00 for the 2nd one and at16:00 for the third one I have a chance to be awake and running at the start for at least one of the wars. This way players in certain timezones will not get the advantage.

Hi Huntzman,
Although you make a fair point and a good suggestion, I find this will make war very boring for me. You would be spending all of the first day and most of the second capturing gray tiles and nothing more. Also in this case the stronger players (Yes I include those that pay with real money for upgrades and other such things) will have a huge advantage since they will have stronger hero teams which can take the gray sectors very easily. There would not be war.

Hi Icarium,

Why would my suggestion make war boring? Whats happening right now is already boring. War starts at 5am my time. By the time I wake up and sign on… all tiles in the middle already taken and sometimes, even my base is taken. Other teams already negotiated truce. Even when I try to negotiate truce, they would say they already truce with this team and that team. Is that more interesting? :slight_smile:

Yes, my suggestion basically means for the first day, most people will be just hitting grey tiles. Only on second day where everyone meets at the centre, then the fight really starts. My suggestion resolves the “war time start” issue and in my opinion, actually makes war interesting and fair to any team regardless of time zone. You dont have to worry about signing on on first day and your base is already gone.

As for this “huge advantage” you are concerned about, thats actually another issue which is the “matching issue”. If matching works properly… then stronger players will be matched against teams with equally strong players. Therefore no one has this “huge advantage” that you are concerned about. Every team on the map will have roughly same top teams and power of KLG mercs will be adjusted accordingly.

It doesn’t if you look at how the brackets are made. They take alliances of roughly the same power and club them together into a map.

Now I don’t know what alliance you play with but we play with a few smaller level 70 to 85 players. And so do many others. What happens to the smaller players when they can’t even take a gray sector? What you suggest will make it boring for them, they’ll just have to stand by and twidle their thumbs while the 90+ players do it all, or they get kicked out of alliances and have maybe a much slower grinding climb to a good level, which will in turn put many off and they’ll leave.

I would understand if they put alliances that are more are less from the same timezones. War starts at 12.30am for me but a few from my alliance and the others are generally logged in. So we keep my account in reserve for throwing off attacks too close to us. It’s supposed to be a team event. And the truces and negotiation is part of war. Now if no one from your alliance can be awake at war start you can take that up with the devs but it is my observation that most alliances have developed contingencies for this stuff.

One thing I did forget to mention… by right… “Fighting Chance” should also work with KLG Mercs. At the moment, it does not. Fighting Chance only works when you are hitting another team. If Fighting Chance works on grey tiles, then smaller players can do something to help out as well. Also, please note the changes I suggest are for grey tiles only, once all grey tiles are gone or if you are not hitting grey tiles, everything is as per what it is today. My suggestion simply ensures enemy is not at your base on day one and you have opportunity to make your way to the centre tiles even if your team woke up late.

For me, I have played in a lot of different teams. What I mentioned earlier about waking up and my base is already taken did happen a couple of times. Its not an exaggeration. :smiley:

At the moment, I survive by joining teams that have players on at reset and I will be on second shift. Where I currently play, KLG mercs is roughly 100k power. And yes, smaller players whose top team are only 80-90k pretty much dont do anything on day one. Which is what is already happening now. They are as you say “twidling their thumbs”. :slight_smile:
Whether they get kick or not depends on the leadership team. I do find a lot of teams are quite lenient these days as the leaders themselves have lost interest in war so they dont care if a few players are doing nothing on day 1 so long as they have new hero and actively deploy defenses…

Anyway, if devs did implement what I suggest, they should also fix “Fighting Chance” so that it works on grey tiles as well.

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