Gorgon wakes needs more

Gorgon wakes has become something of a chore. There are only so many times one can experiment with different heroes to play the same sequence over and over. I’d suggest a few points.

  1. A random set of heroes every time to break the monotony.
  2. A new tier for higher player levels with increased difficulty.
  3. Increased rewards for the level. Instead of the not so useful Gorgon tokens some Ruby core frags with a low drop rate.
    Another option is adding better rewards to the Gorgon crate.

Let’s add a Helios AAV and for that there are Ruby grenades !?

My idea; at the 90+ mission make there two gorgons, then add a 95+ mission which adds a Helios that spawns after the gorgon is killed allowing the ability to get ruby nades and other items,
Finally just add a 100+ mission that allows you to get even more of each item with a even higher difficulty

I agree. Though my point remains that Gorgon wakes needs to be more challenging.

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I like the idea but alas that won’t be fair to the newer players coming up. 2 gorgons could be difficult to beat for recent 90 level players. I like the 95+ level idea

How about making the gorgon an actual boss. Give its machine gun the same ability as Rifleman’s silver. Give it a shield that weakens with every part that breaks. Make parts tougher, have a momentary invincibility shield.
The blast remains but becomes a little stronger. Remove the gaps between the front armor
So basically, you either dismantle it or you wait for opportunities. Make it an actual raid boss that takes team effort to take down. And ruby grenades are indeed a very fitting choice


Sadly a lot of things need to be updated/upgraded, Deca hasn’t shared any plans to do so

Upgrading gorgon or any other part of the game requires a fair bit of work to be done.

The suggestion I had some time back is actually easier to implement as it only involve tweaking of numbers:

  • Multiply gorgon rewards by 3
  • Reduce gorgon wins from 3 to 1. That way we only play two gorgons daily instead of 6 as many players already feel this is more of a chore rather than something fun to do. :slight_smile:
  • Reduce daily coop requirement from 3 to 2.

Some other nice suggestions given by some players which involve just tweaking of numbers:

  • Increase bounty duration by 1 or 2 days. (Devs did this once before but they reverted back the changes)
  • Decrease war duration by 1 day.

Anyway, if simple changes are not being implemented… I highly doubt they would work on more complicated changes. Even the bugs reported in the bug topic, I dont think they fix any. But let’s see, you never know. We can always hope. :slight_smile:

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Gorgon wakes is not a chore because I have to do so many of them. It’s a chore because it is so damn easy at the higher levels. Easy is good when you’re climbing up and need the rewards. However once you start getting Plat+2 heroes it becomes monotonous. I tend to just put it on auto and do my thing, check back every minute to invite and accept to play another round.

Now the optimal incentive for me will be to make the gameplay itself interesing. Make it more difficult, dynamic. As @Robert_Pronk said by making him an actual boss rather than just a stepping stone.

Of course better rewards are always welcome :grin:

My friend. Gorgon is litteraly just target practice. I run wave 1 in 11 seconds and wave 2 in 5 seconds.
The total playtime with my team is 16 seconds, that’s longer than the cutscenes and the end screen. The actual raid is shorter than the cutscenes

We take a couple of seconds more than that but it’s the same for me.
Even target practice has higher levels where you have to show skill :joy:

Personally, I disagree with the idea of making Gorgon harder. Imagine that Gorgon is so hard that you and your friend tried 10-20 times and eventually manage to beat a mission which runs 3mins and both of you have to manually play it because its so difficult… would you look forward to doing it 5 more times? Would you look forward to doing it 6 times everyday? Remember, there is no quick wins when it comes to Gorgon. Unless they also figure out a way to quick win Gorgon (which involve two players)… making Gorgon harder would make daily chore worst for me. :slight_smile:

If you really want target practice or test your skills, I would rather have it in solo raids. At least with solo raids, you dont have to involve another player. You can play at your own time at your own pace. And best of all, once you three-starred a mission, you can quick win it afterwards similar to campaign missions. :slight_smile:

The Extreme solo raid coming up is nice. Unfortunately it only comes once in a blue moon and is not a regular thing.

Perhaps a one-in-a-while Extreme Gorgon event with one-time rewards? I could live with that. :slight_smile:

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I believe people would want a challenge, but not a repetitive and tedious one.
What if, you take a partner and complete the mission (so you have to do it once at least) and for example, based on speed and results, like how much damage and whatnot, based on that you get rewards. And then after completing you can both spend 3x tickets per win to quick win it.
So then you can reattempt to try and get better results, and based on best results you QW repeat the last. Makes it more fun also for repitition and not tedious

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Imagine the gorgon has an absurd amount of health. It can block out hero damage or negate with shields, so that full DPS isn’t always the best choice (against meta spam)
And so, based on results, like survivability and the total damage, maybe even make it survival until a rocket arrives to finish it. And then get your results, decide to quick win or repeat

You seem to have misread my meaning. I do not want to see it made impossible to beat. I just want the difficulty boosted to suit the powers and skills of upgraded heroes.

I remember the enthusiasm at level 70 with which I played gorgons so I could beat it and relish the feeling of victory over a hard boss because my heroes were lame at the time. I just want that to come up again. A level where the level 95+ players get challenged in their tactics. They introduced a whole new extreme difficulty in campaign, I’d imagine they can do that with Gorgon too.

That way if one does not feel upto clashing with a hard target they can always play the easier existing Gorgon levels and be on their way.

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Getting challened with boosted difficulty is okay. But I still think Gorgon is not the ideal place to be looking for it. Gorgon is a daily thing with no quick wins and you have to play it with somebody. For me, I am more than happy to try my best to beat a challenging mission. But of course, once I have done that, I have no desire to do it again. I would rather be able to quick win it or auto-play it afterwards.

I agree with what Robert says… “people would want a challenge, but not a repetitive and tedious one”

Thats why if we are talking about having a once-in-a while extreme Gorgon event where the rewards is a once-off rare/mythic skin… I am all up for it. :slight_smile:

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Gorgon needs something for higher level players. Other than completing for the daily quest, it becomes useless.

I like the idea of having an “extreme option”
Could spend the time on it for better rewards if you and your teammate feel so obliged, or just run through standard mode to collect for the quest.
At the very least, having a 95+ gorgon seems appropriate.


I believe most players will be enthusiastic again to do this Gorgon co op, if the ruby grenade added as the rewards…


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Pretty funny how people want Deca to do something new when ever since they’ve taken over all they’ve done is make new characters and not changed a single thing in the game. Then again I’ll probably get flagged again as usual but I really don’t care since this game died a very long time ago

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If I am not mistaken… apart from nerfs/buffs/new heroes… I think DECA made at least three changes:

  1. Increase patrol quota from 100 to 150. (Not sure if this was done because of player request or they realize no one is getting Ruby crates).
  2. Patrols now sometimes require Astral or Void heroes.
  3. Adding the annoying “Delete account” button. (Not sure if there is a confirmation question after hitting that button but I swear someday I will hit that button by mistake. :smiley: )

As far as bugs are concerned… I dont think DECA fix anything (yet).

As far as player requests are concerned… I also dont think DECA has done anything (yet). Hothead I think address at least two player requests (excluding nerfs/buffs). There might be more but I can only recall these two:

  1. Removing Fischer from bounty.
  2. Introducing Gorgon crate/Gorgon crate tokens to give players some incentive to run Gorgon. (I am not entirely sure is this is due to player request or they realize no one is playing Gorgon any more).

Anyway, when it gets to the stage where we start seeing devs fixing bugs/working on requests… I can then start mentioning some ideas/request that I have. :slight_smile:

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