Graffiti Tagging - Zumi did it again!

Hello everyone, Raz here! As I was going through some campaign levels today, an idea popped in my head!

Similar to the Easter Egg hunt, what if the community came together to locate all the tagging aka graffiti within the game? So, as you progress through the game, post as clear of an image as possible of the graffiti you wish to post here! One entry per person! Try not to post the same graffiti twice! I’ll start:



Found one in the razordome campaign level.


Is it tags just of Ghoul? Or just tags in general?

Super cool idea raz, I would love to see this is the game!

Just tags in general! And I know there are a ton, so get searching!

Maybe have a graffiti artwork show, where we show our attempts at some of that kind of art.


7-2 Normal / Wave 1


I can’t tell, but does that one read ‘Morlock?’

Theres a “beware the ghille ghost” one somewhere

I can’t tell either, :wink: but it’s either Morlock or Kurtz, I think.

Check PVP Sewer snd Docks maps. They have all graffiti in game. My favourite is «Kurtz was here».

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We all know the famous brogan one

Post it…no use in talking about them. Ya guys need to be posting them lol.


Can anyone read what the second one says? I can’t make it out.


Looks like an arrow to the crab and says “meal”

Summer? Summon?

Reasons why I can’t read graffiti

when I see graffiti irl I dont think…stupid vandals I tjink…how the heck did they get up there???

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Omg, I think I figured it out guys!!! It says, SHOREMEN!’


Oooooohhhh yeah I think so…

yeah…it definitely does… so it wasn’t zumi… hahah