New Co ops stages / pvp maps

This is my first time on the forums and it’s a pleasure :blush: congrats to the game developers for an outstanding game!! I’ve been playing since a week after it came out and been hooked ever since. My only request and might sound crazy but how about some NEW CO OPS stages? Different bosses or map. Last, maybe a couple new pvp maps?


I think it’s a great idea, but they also have to choose dates to cycle them and all other kind of stuff that might be difficult or maybe even impossible at this moment, but yes, a new super boss or new co-Ops in general and pvp maps seem like a great addition to me


For pvp maps: level 6-10 looks cool but you would be on the right and left from where you stand in campaign. Maybe idea?

I agree completely. I’ve been playing for quite a decent while, and I’ve spent a lot of time on the forums as well. During the whole time, there have been a ton of new additions, all amazing in their own right, but no new co-ops or pvp maps. I would love to see some. Only point I’d like to make, the gorgon is to HH what the creeper is to Minecraft, what the spetznaz helmet is to pubg, what the weird mushrooms are to Mario…iconic. and that shouldn’t change.

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Always keep gorgon, but how about making Gorgon have three levels instead of just two?

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