Hall of Fame🏆

Welcome to the Hall of Fame. :trophy:
Here you can post Screenshots, video’s and links to your records. (Required) A quote. (optional) And your own comment. (optional) Which will be edited underneath!
Up to 3 records will be put under each category, as a sort of memorable moment. If a third place is broken, then it will be replaced and you will be notified if it was yours
We will require 100% clean proof. If something is too sketchy, it will be analyzed. If it is invalid it will be rejected.
We keep this place clean and friendly to each other, we remain competitive yet respective to each other. Any profanity, personal attacks or insults will be deleted/flagged.

On any record the following is required.
• Other contestants/involved names must be censored. We want to keep the identity of our other contestants/opponents to be secretive. No exception here since impersonation could take place
• Valid information on the record. With proof.

To kickstart the list, i’ll share a few challenges.
• Gorgon speedrun. (Requires a video)
• Helios speedrun. (Requires a video)
• Danger simulator wave record. (Requires nametag and a waveswitch on the screenshot)
• fastest pvp match on a 5 man team. (Requires a video)
• highest damage within a single shot. (Requires setup and the rarity/power of the team. Together with a visible damage marker. This is allowed to be dealt within additional damage numbers, as long as it regards the same projectile/bullet)
• Highest score in a war (requires screenshot of the battlefield and it’s general zonespread)
• Highest bounty damage (requires a screenshot of the performance of the rest of your allies. Names must be censored besides your own)
• Largest HP pool. (Must require a clear screenshot of the heroes’ health pool together with the setup you’re running)
• Any record in additional solo or alliance events (must require a screenshot of the leaderboard. Having all other names censored)
• Pvp score records. (From both alliances or solo events. Must require a screenshot of the leaderboard with scores with the other contestants’ names censored)

General announcement. Any other players name visible on a screenshot or video must be censored, it requires work. But we want identities of other players involved to be secretive. No exceptions since people could impersonate others.

I like this idea. That being said, I don’t know how to blur stuff on a video. I can upload a pic though. GW90 - my best is 18 seconds. I’ve seen 17 but haven’t got there yet. 18 is fairly consistent.

In clouds (if you have that) you can put a color that stays there throughout the whole video. Place on on top where your allies’ name is. Then end the video once the gorgon is destroyed.
So basically when the starting screen disappears until the moment the hud disappears as the gorgon is destroyed.
Just make a screen recording and it should work :slight_smile:

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