What Top Players Would Like to See Happen

Been player for around two and half (2 1/2) years now. Several great things have happened with the game as it has progressed. LvL 50-100, AW, PvP Brawl Portraits, 2vs2 coming, and more. But several things have stayed the same and I wanted to create a topic to recommend and get feedback on things is Top Players would like to see.

Several Top Players including myself play for the prestige and expansion of our Hero Hunter Portfolio. We want to add 1st Place portraits to our account, new Hero’s, be the first to conquer Extreme Levels and wage war against rivals. (VIRJ vs OWN). Bounty and PvP is dominated by VIRJ and OWN only because of the rival and prestige of making the other 2nd Place, it is not the rewards. Winning Bounty and any PvP event comes down to the amount of time you are willing to dedicate, then skill, then lvl of Hero’s. So, onto my recommendations which could help make the game better for all of us.

#1- We would all like to see Legendary Bracket opened up. With Ruby Hero’s now, Legendary Bracket should be LvL 95+.

#2- We would all like to see more Portraits. Make it like the Olympics. PvP Faction Brawls, PvP Tournaments, Bounties, AW.

1st=Gold, 2nd=Silver, 3rd=Bronze
4th-25th= Blue
25th-100th= Red
100th+ = Brown

If you want to see more participation and better battles, then give us something to earn for our hard work. Portraits and maybe add some MK’s in there. We all want to see a worthy reward for countless hours of dedication of time and gold spent.

#3- Make Portraits for Bounty. It was done once and only once. Let’s bring it back! :slight_smile:

#4- Alliance Rewards for PvP Tournaments. (Not Brawl). So many would like to see this. You all but guarantee better mass participation in PvP if you allow Alliances to earn great rewards with portraits.

#5- Create a Trifecta Reward Portrait. 1st in AW, 1st in Bounty, 1st in a Premeir PvP Tournament (once a month) will earn you a very Prestigious Portrait to show off your hard work and dedication with your alliance. (This could take several months to earn and something to work towards).

#6- Increase VIP levels. I have been VIP 15 for like over two years. I would truly like to see my spending effort rewards increased. And might even create a VIP 15+ only chat channel.

#7- We need more internal rankings in our alliance. I have played so many mass online games through the decades. And one of the things I worked the hardest for was ranking up internally and holding that position. You will crate better loyalty in an Alliance and participation with a player earning and holding a higher rank. Make it military ranks or something. I say military because we all grow up knowing what a General is. And who doesn’t want to be a General, Colonel, Major, Captain, lieutenants and then Sergent Major, Sergeant, Private.

I know Portraits take a minute to design and implement. But honestly, we all want something to display and show for the hard work and time we dedicated.

I know known of this can happen by the snap of my fingers. But I have thought about these things a long time and have thrown them out there from time to time. Well it is time again, lol.

I really hope you considerate a lot of them as they can only make the game better and increase participation and competition within the game.

To all my fellow players, please respond with your approval, advise, and thoughts on this topic.


Legendary PvP bracket is long over due. The bulk of the top 100 PvP players in the Mythic Bracket are Ruby players and it gets to a certain part where it’s not worth grinding anymore if I know that it’ll take me 2-3 wins to score similar points to someone at a Ruby level.

Also, the PvP reward should be looked at for Legendary Bracket. For example, I don’t think guys like Marine who probably has everyone 10 star, cares too much about hero frag. However, if you threw in rewards like MK5/MK6 or other platinum/Ruby Gears, you’re going to see certain people go at it much harder.


I have a first place portrait, they stopped doing that?

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Yes i really think #1,4,6&7 should be implemented asap. These will help promote and reward players dedicated to hh… I must commend hh devs for the recent new and changes they have made. Lets keep it going! Thx, Dontmis1

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All very logic and reasonable points made.

I support.

I would just add 1:

Please do something with GW coop… it’s absolutely boring to kill the same Mongo robot 6 times!!!

Thanks :blush:


Well said because truly having every hero at 10* and heronium of 2 mil not truly interested, incorporate more mkv,mkiv in the heronium store as well, and don’t stop the vip rankings because there are some of us who have spent enough to make 3-4 accounts vip 15 not fair to us who spend like crazy to be stopped at 15 ty BnAsTy822

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Yes to Legendary opening. Mythic ranks should reflect how populated it is, also. Elite has top 7%, top 15%, etc. while Mythic’s ranks are outdated in comparison to how crowded of a bracket it is now.

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Keep providing feedback! We’ll collect it and pass it on. As always, don’t expect to see everything you want immediately, and try to keep this as an open discussion.


Agree with everything and would like to add more bounty leaderboards like individual damage, like in pvp.


I also validate I completely agree that good idea and especially the legendary support in priority with the ruby now it should have been done at the same time in logic


A whole facelift on bounty would be great. Such a boring game mode IMO. Could care less about portraits. I’d like to see a pvp mode where your hero choice and skill pay off more then the hours played. People work still last I checked. As for legendary bracket… ya… we been asking for this for awhile. Get rid of ALL the NPC’s in pvp as well, player vs. player ONLY. :call_me_hand:t2:

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Also, the addition of 1v1 or 2v2. No more spineless alliances who only attack you if it’s going to be a 2v1 or 3v1.


I agree with the portrait part definitely the most… i also agree with everything else too. I aint no top player by no means but it would still be cool to see more bounty portraits and also alliance portraits for events. Plrtraits are what I love and will spend my time getting…im not sure why but I do…noway this would make the game more fun as more rewards to show off

Excellent ideas all around. We really need a way to better chronicle and highlight the achievments of players and alliances. Fix the pvp hall of champions too while your at it, what’s the point of only showing the results from the last few months ?

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Yes i agree with marine hh must do something to unlock legendary bracket asapa

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All focal points. I would also add a little more diversity on single and co-op events or new game modes.

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Great topic! I agree with everything. Playing from Asia- Vnbro1 n Vnbro2

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I want to give my contribution, maybe they will take into account the witch hunt, and punish some players who use a sandbag. and make war 1v1,


Some great suggestions to keep the game moving forward. On the 1st point, whilst i agree Legendaries over due, why not at lvl 96, allowing those ranking up into lvl 95 a chance to experience new hero strengths & combinations at a more familiar lvl?

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Legendary was already scheduled to come with the next update. That’s all I can reveal right now, with the understanding that all content is subject to change. Thanks!