Halloween Community Brawl Winners!

I want to firstly say a massive thank you to the near 130 people who took part in this event, even if there were a few who won’t be joining us in future and some who failed to show. The majority of players this time were sportsmanlike and made it easier than ever to run! So a massive thank you fi you stuck around and chatted to the other players, helped out if you could and I hope to see you all in the next event.

The rewards were definitly the best we have put on offer yet, here is a reminder of what we gave out:

1st place ~ 2x RUBY Mk1 Core + 1x Mk6 Platinum Core + 1x Mk5 Platinum Core
2nd place ~ 1x RUBY Mk1 Core + 1x Mk6 Platinum Core
3rd place ~ 1x RUBY Mk1 Core + 1x Mk5 Platinum Core

For those of you who don’t know, winning and getting those MK5 or MK6 cores can be equal to the $70 core pack so just by taking part you don’t only benefit me by having a good range of participants to use but you also benefit yourself by having the chance to win these amazing rewards.

Your winners for this event are as follows:

1st place :1st_place_medal: : Alpha of da pack [XWASX]
2nd place :2nd_place_medal: : Nonplussedcobra [EXTAC]
3rd place :3rd_place_medal: : xusmarinex [EXTAC]

All of you should be getting your rewards in your inbox soon, as curtesy of Skathi and the developer team. A shout out to Timm4y for also making it to the final round but very closely losing out to xusmarinex.

Keep an eye out for a post around New Years, we will start off 2021 with a bang in a January Faction Brawl. I don’t have any more details other than it will be in January and you will be only able to use the boosted faction (the boosted faction may be paired with another if it is too small).

A final thank you to Hothead Games who make these events possible, thank you for offering such amazing rewards and I look forwards to running these events in the future! Have a great Christmas everyone and I will see you all in January, let’s make to 150 players next time!

The Tournament server will be shut until January, do not attempt to join or you will be removed. Some changes will be made to facilitate the next event and make it easier, everything will be updated by the time the event begins in January.


Wo… Congrats to all winners & participants too…if alpha is reading my comment then, u already know what i’ll say to u :grin:

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Thanks to everyone who participated, we wouldn’t be able to do these tournaments without the community and the devs, and congrats to all the winners. We hope you are looking forward to the January Faction Tournament.


Awesome work everyone!! Congrats to the winners :sun_with_face:


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