January Faction Brawl Winners

The January Faction Brawl has ended! While this tournament was smaller than the previous ones we’ve hosted (and full of forfeits), I would still like to personally to thank all 100 members who took part in the tournament, and to keep up the good work, as without you guys we couldn’t do tournaments or events like this. It’s been a great honor to host these tournaments.

To remind you all what the rewards were:
:1st_place_medal: - 3 Feature Crate Tokens, 2 Gilded Tokens, 1 Forged Fantasy Crate Token
:2nd_place_medal: - 2 Feature Crate Tokens, 2 Gilded Tokens
:3rd_place_medal: - 2 Feature Crate Tokens

Without further ado, here are January faction tournament winners:

:1st_place_medal: [OWN] Dmakadan
:2nd_place_medal: [PROTF] Melhuynh
:3rd_place_medal: [VRIJ] Osric Temper

The winners should be seeing the rewards pop up in their inbox courtesy of Skathi in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all the winners and all the participants for the amazing matches and taking part, and also special thanks to Hothead for making these events possible. We hope to see all of you again in April for the next community tournament. The next tournament will be a standard tournament with no hero restrictions and be solely on the community tournament discord (no need for Toornament!). Let’s try to get back to 150 players for the next tournament! Until next time!

P.S. Please do not try to enter the tournament discord before April or you will be removed as we will also be slowly updating for the next tournament.

Here is also a poll to ask what your choice of hero promotion should be for the April tournament.

  • Ruby
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

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Silver or Bronze will really interesting and put in game heroes which now forgotten.


Congrats winners and thanks to the mods for organizing! Will try to get the prizes out as soon as I can.

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Congrats to all three winner, participants and moderators!

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Yeah let’s go whacky and pick silver (I voted bronze but I changed my mind to silver immediately after lol, silver has both active skills).

Edit: found out I could change my vote


why don’t make GREEN 10 STARS LEVEL 100?

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If we could do custom game matchups I would absolutely, if there was some way to set duels with custom stars, level, rank I would do a bunch of stupid and insane matchups, But for now we only have the 5 choices.

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